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Is Fear Destroying The World?
May 10th,1999
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

"Reading provides knowledge...
knowledge leads to answers."
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Over the last several weeks, I have sat back and watched the horror that has been occurring around the world. The so called "ethnic cleansing" in Kosovo by the Serbs is nothing short than the brutal killing of a race of people because of their religion. In Colorado, we have two young teenagers go on a killing spree. Why? Because they felt they were different and everyone else was against them.

What is going on in the world? After more than 2,000 years of religious turmoil in the world, we still have people killing people because of their religion. We have teenagers that are able to buy machine guns and make bombs to blow up a school, killing their own. Why is there this need for humans to destroy what they either don't like or can't understand, And yet, do we see anything changing? Or is it getting worse?

There are the politicians that either do not answer a direct question when asked, or simply lie about it to suit their needs or for someone that has financially contributed heavily to them. It is easy to blame the politicians, but in truth the problem is putting up with the lies and deceit. How many times does it take mankind to get hit on the head before he is awoken to see that he is the one to truly blame and is the only one that can do something to change it.

Mankind's inhumanity to mankind is nothing new. It has been occurring since the dawn of mankind. And why? Could it just possibly be one simple thing that for some reason we either have not seen or rather are afraid to see? I am talking about fear. I truly believe that fear is the monster of all things we consider evil. Fear is the forerunner of all negatives thoughts and emotions. It is the fear that leads us into self destruction or the destruction of others.

Let's say we believe in a certain religion. We then come across another people that has a different religion and faith. Fear begins to raise its' ugly head for a number of different reasons. One religion thinkgs its' the only true religion and any other religion is a false religion. Those two types of thoughts alone create enough fear to lead to the next step. And that is, that if we could be wrong about something, then we feel we have lost who we are, a feeling of insecurity which is another form of fear. And what happens when the feeling of fear begins to overcome the emotions? Man will react, defend for a number of reasons.

Here is another example. Two teenagers who for what is very evident have lost their own identity, have become something they are not because of fear. That fear has made them become "different" in many ways because they have become isolated from the rest of the world. They have lost the feeling of being a part of something, humanity to put it simply. They have lost the feeling of being a part of mankind. I strongly believe that our present day technology is and has grown a generation and a more detached generation of people. This generation is feeling more detached from mankind. Machines are machines, they cannot relate to humans like humans can. However, they can relate to us based on how another human wants us to react to the stimuli. And this leads me to stimuli - what we are taught, what we are teaching our young. Why is it in Japan that violence by teenagers is the lowest in the world? And that overall violence is the lowest in the world. In addition, Japan is the most technologically advanced country on the planet. Why is this? Their children watch as much or more violence on television as our children. Their children play videos games with violence as worse as ours. The difference is very simple. Children are taught two very simple things that most of the world has forgotten. The simple right and wrong concerning life, but most important, respect. Children in Japan are taught not only to respect themselves, but to respect others, to value all life. Now you may ask, how can this be since Japan tried to conquer the world in World War II. What I have just shared with you is the teachings that come from the simple people in Japan, going back 5,000 years or more. Because of the destruction that two atomic bombs did in Japan, fear was finally conquered by these people. They realized that their old ways truly reflected the creation of life. It is does not matter who or what we believe in, rather, most importantly that we simply not only love ourselves and others, but also respect ourselves, and respect others. By doing so, we then regain "feeling". For it is without feeling in life, communicating and feeling towards others the way we want to be treated can we live peacefully in life. And this takes me back to fear.

Until we have conquered all aspects of fear deep within our very being, our spirit, whatever you want to call it, are we then able to throw off the shackles that keep us bound. That fear keeps us bound to that which we don't understand or that which we don't like and because of that we defend ourselves in many ways. It is the fear that destroys not only us, but others in its' path. Nations, a race of people, a group of teenagers. What a sad waste of life.

So where does this lead us. What can we do to being to make a difference in the world?

First, we must stop complaining about how everyone else, the government or whatever is the cause of our problems. We have to accept that we truly are the cause because we let these things happen. We have let someone or something take this feeling or respect, this difference of right and wrong away from us. And that we have forgot to teach this to our children.

Second, we need to change how we observe others. We have to accept that all life is precious, for simply put, would we want someone else to kill us simply because of what we believe in?

Third, we have to accept in our our lives and teach our children that there is a simple right and wrong about things in life. We have to respect others and teach respect to our children. It will be said that respect must be earned. I do not believe that, for I believe that is what has gotten us into trouble. If we believe that respect must be earned, we more or less are saying we fear, ( here is fear again), and will distrust others. Now I am not saying that we are just suppose to accept everyone and everything for face value, if we did, we would be fools. We have to use our wisdom of knowing the difference between right and wrong to know that something or someone is not right. I believe in respecting and trusting everyone until they give me a reason not to. Which leads me to the fourth step.

Fourth, if we then come across something or someone that we have lost respect in, we simply acknowledge the right or wrong of it by not only taking a stand against it, but actually doing something about it. And this does not mean picking up a gun and killing someone. This means that we stand up for what we believe in. We take steps to have our voice heard. All it takes is one voice that can become many, and many voices cannot be ignored. Sadly to say, until mankind learns this simplicity, there will be a need for weapons. There will be those that feel the only way to get what they want is by violence. However, I strongly feel that the human race ahs the potential to change, to walk way from fear that is causing this destruction. And it begins with us. How much wrong doing will we tolerate in life. Are we going to continue ignoring these simple rights and wrongs. Are we going to start teaching our children this once again? - If we don't, I feel it doesn't take a genius to see what this world will be like in another twenty years. Am I being a pessimistic? No, I'm simply being realistic. The politicans say the world is the most financial sound is has been in over forty years. This may very well be, however, it is my opinion, that overall, the human race is in the most sorrowful state that it has ever been in. The world is loosing its' humanity and is slowing replacing it with the the incapabilty to feel for others. And this is mainly due to ignorance of not seeing that technology is choking the very life out of the human race. Will we have to become blind before we will see? God I hope not.

I would like to close by thanking all my readers worldwide for your support and emails concerning the Kosovo crisis. This inhumanity to mankind must be stopped and never allowed to happen again. Please continue writing your Senators and Congressmen about this atrocity, this genocide of a race of people. I also am calling upon my readers in China. What is wrong with you people. In war, accidents do happen. We are sorry. America accidently bombed your Embassy in Yugoslavia. But why are reacting with violence against the wrong thing? Why, with such an oppressed people that you are, why are you not rallying against the killing of a race of people because of their religion. My friends in China, this very thing happened to your people in Tiamenen Square some years ago. Have you not forgotten. Your own people died not over religion, but over freedom. This is the very thing the people of Kosovo want, freedom. You are being manipulated by your own government. You are protesting against the wrong thing! Or is this a Chinese government sponsored thing, paying students to do this?

If you are tired how our politicians are conducting business in Washington about any issue, voice your concerns Write, call, email your Senators or House of Representatives. click here for a listing to find your Senators or House of Representative.

One last comment. The brutal slaying of cats and dogs of their pelts for profit continues. The countries allowing this horrible crime are Russia, China and the Phillipines. I am asking my readers to write their elected representatives immediately to invoke trade sanctions against these countries until these practices are stopped. Mankind's in-humanity is only as bad as mankind allows it to continue. Help stop this brutal horrible murder of what we consider family members and pets.

God Bless and have a terrific day!

~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

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