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The Mena Arkansas
Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Drug Connection
September 20th 1998
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

"Reading provides knowledge...
knowledge leads to answers."
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Updated, September 22nd, 1998, Read the response Senator Mazxine Walters received from the CIA regarding Barry Seal

What I am about to share with you should cause you great concern because this is an example of the sort of thing that goes on in Washington.

On October 5, 1986 in Nicaragua, a CK123 Cargo plane, with weapons and CIA employees on board crashed. This was the beginning of what links what I am about to tell you together. This was the start of the Iran-Contra affair. It was proven that the weapons were supplied by the CIA and destined for the Nicaraguan Contras in of the Congressional Poland amendments. Special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh spent six years determining who in the Reagan administration was involved in the operation. Among those that were involved in this operation were George Bush, Oliver North, Dewey Clarridge, John Pointdexter and Caspar Weinberger.

However, lets go to Mena, Arkansas during this time. The training of pilots and loading of weapons and drugs was taking place. Who was the governor of Arkansas at the time and why is is that Kenneth Starr would not touch this area. That governor at the time is now our President.

In July 1994, in the Arkansas Crime Inc. paper, an editorial linked Clinton to Iran-Contra. In October, 1994 Clinton denied any knowledge of the operation at Mena. Shortly afterwards evidence started to surface that documented Clinton’s link to Iran-Contra. People began coming forward and alleging under sworn statements that that Clinton profited from the operation at Mena by laundering money through the newly created Arkansas Development Finance Authority. That was just the tip of the iceberg regarding what was really going on at Mena. A larger number of people testified under oath that the airplanes returning from Central America were loaded with cocaine, which was then dropped over Arkansas for distribution to larger U.S. cities.

During 1995, mounting documented evidence continued to support the Mena claims. A KGB spy talks about his knowledge of Mena. The picture of the Mena operation became more clear. In July 1995, new information and evidence confirms drug smuggling is going on at Mena. Why? Because a State Trooper L.D. Brown and a Arkansas National Guardsmen, who were also pilots flying the planes put Clinton in the loop by testifying. In July 1995, Clinton responded to L.D. Brown’s account with denial. We’ve heard that before. In October, 1995 in formal hearings, now a former State Trooper, L.D. Brown elaborates in great detail, on his flights to Central America in the service of the CIA, on Clinton's link to the CIA. He also details the negative treatment he received from the American press. In August, 1996, Noriega attacks George Bush on Contra Drug dealing. And who is Barry Seal? ( read the article by Daniel Hopsicker for Washington Weekly ) How could this go on for years without detection? In February, 1995, the Washington Post is accused of a grand scale political coverup of the Mena affair. However, a statement issued by Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Jim Johnson at this time reveals government efforts to block investigations of the Mena affair and investigations of Clinton's fraudulent Whitewater loans, and explains how business interests, news media, politicians, and courts in Arkansas manage to block the truth from coming out. Who is Terry Reed? Terry Reed describes how CNN concocted an interview with him, misquoting him all over place. In June, 1995, the Washington Post suppresses another story about the Mena investigations. In November, 1996, Caspar Weinberger is accused of participation in the Iran-Contra affair. However, prior to that in December, 1995, documents prove that the U.S. Government pressured Costa Rica to keep the Mena operations secret. Who Is Richard Ben-Veniste?

During this time, a Democrat Panel on money laundering, indicts brother of Mike Espy for money laundering. And the State Department accuses Noreiga of taking drug money.

This is where Terry Reed comes into the picture I mentioned earlier. Terry Reed testifies. Terry Reed is a pilot and a subcontractor who worked for the CIA Iran-Contra operation. When he discovered that drugs were shipped to the U.S., ( the MENA operators) he left the operation in disgust. He soon found himself and his family the target of a retaliation lawsuit claiming insurance fraud. However, the Reed family was cleared of the allegations in federal court in Wichita, Kansas. Shortly thereafter, the Reed family filed a civil suit against those who had brought the wrongful suit against them. And here folks is where it gets really interesting. Two employees of Bill Clinton, Buddy Young and Tommy Baker were charged with fabrication of evidence and other civil rights violations against the Reed’s. Now this is where is gets even more interesting. In September, 1995 Buddy Young is linked to the Iran-Contra/Mena operation. Clinton's former security chief, now a defendant in Reed's Mena trial, appears to have been more involved than previously known. After years of a legal circus, the lawsuit by the Reed family finally began in earnest in late1995. Depositions were taken from a number of people and they all told the same story under oath. They also revealed that U.S. senators (both parties) tried to block investigations into money laundering at Mena. All of these witnesses have sufferedharassment and intimidation because of their explosive testimony. In early 1996, the judge in the case ruled to suppress all evidence relating to Mena, CIA, and the Clintons from the trial. Reed discouraged at this point, gave up and dropped the trial. One honest policeman, Russell Welch supplied much of the material and proof of the Mena case, he too has suffered harassment and intimidation. Who is Julius "Doc" Delaughter. It is December, 1995. Delaughter appears on a British Mena documentary, telling about the whole Mena operation, however it is banned from distribution in the U.S. Remember Barry Seal, ( read the article by Daniel Hopsicker for Washington Weekly ), he comes out of the closet too. Also a certain lady is found in Florida connecting all this. In April, 1996, there is a massive Anthrax poisoning case in Mena and in August, 1996, State Trooper L.D. Brown is ordered to assassinate Terry Reed. And the CIA begins an investigation, (interesting, they are investigating their own operation?) of the Mena operation. The White House is asked about it, and they deny everything. At this same time, Reed drops the lawsuit and the murder of two teenage boys, Don Henry and Kevin Ives occurs in Benton, a town near Mena. Due to persistent parents and a few honest Arkansas policemen, their murders are traced back to the drug smuggling operations at Mena. A British documentary exposes the murders and the link to Mena. No U.S. major news network picks this story up.

It is now July, 1996, Kenneth Starr begins asking questions about Mena. He follows the trail of facts, but suddenly announces that Mena is outside his brief and scope of just the Whitewater investigation of Clinton.

In the fall of 1995, several committees in the House of Representatives began considering holding hearings about the Mena operation and started interviewing witnesses. To this date, this hearing has never finished and they have not called any more witnesses.

Remember Dan Lasater above, he testifies in May, 1996 before the Whitewater Committee about his the Whitewater/Clinton mess. Now, during this time we have the Bosnia war going on and the CIA is backing and sending guns there. Is this a repeat of the Iran-Contra affair with drugs? In the fall of 1996, events took an amazing turn. The San Jose Mercury News reported on a drug trial in Los Angeles where informants testified that they had sold drugs to LA street gangs in order to finance the CIA-backed Contra war in Nicaragua in the 1980s. The drugs came from the Mena, Arkansas operations they testified. The story grabbed the headlines and incited the black community. It was soon realized that what was seen in Los Angeles was just another tentacle of what had already been uncovered in Mena, Arkansas. Now the CIA, the Justice Department, Congress and the White House were all asked for explanations. Mushrooming beyond control, the Mena scandal had finally reached the headlines of the mainstream media a decade after the events took place. September, 1996 CIA Director Deutch resigns. Also there are reports of the U.S. Government involved with Bolivian cocaine lab. There are a string of murders of Americans surrounding the lab in Bolivia. Senator Barbara Boxer, California, writes a letter to CIA Director John Deutch demanding all truth of events. He responds negatively. Senator Diane Feinstein write a letter tp Attorney General Janet Reno requesting a full investigation and Senator Mazxine Waters
( read the response she received back ) request for hearings to Chairman Henry Hyde. This was September, 1996 folks and to date, nothing has been done regarding this matter. Why? Because I believe this has been the greatest government cover-up that has ever occurred. The reason, both parties are up to their ears with the Mena affair and Clinton. When you contact any of the elected officials about this, they have no comment.

I’ve supplied the information to you folks, which I bet you did not know. If you don’t believe me, make a few phone calls to Washington and see how quickly the doors are shut on you concerning the Mena affair. I wonder how many will start to inquire about this with their elected officials? NO ONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT IT! And why? Both parties have a great deal to hide. And why hasn't Hyde done anything more about the hearings since 1995? Hoping it will just go away. And Hyde is the current Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee? What I believe is so ironic is we have a President of the United States being investigated, but who is investigating the investigators? Personally, I have lost not only all trust in President Clinton, but also our elected body in Washington. There is more than one politician here that is lieing! We have had not only a witch hunt attacking Clinton, the attackers have a great deal to hide themselves. And I strongly believe that there is more to this whole affair than any of us will ever know. There will be those that will say I am trying to darken the waters, attack Clinton on another issue. That is not the case. I am presenting this to you to show you that we better start asking more questions and not only demanding the answers from our elected officials in Washington but getting them. Who works for whom here? Are they not suppose to be working for us? Sure seem its' the other way around. Anyway folks, here is it, another shocker! By the way, witnesses have been mysteriously dying off.

UPDATE 10-9-98

Click here to read letter from Attorney General of Louisiana, William J. Guste Jr. to U.S. Attorney General, Ed Messe, March 3rd, 1986, asking for a full investigation into the Barry Seal matter after Barry Seal's murder. Mr. Guste asked for the transcript of Seal's sworn testimony be released to the general public to settle his envolvment in the Mena operation. This request was ignored and to this date all futher attempts to get Seal's testimony released has been ignored by many requests from many government officials, including U.S. Senators and Congressmen. What is the government hiding?

In case you want to email the networks as to why they are not reporting about Mena, here are the email addresses: you can also just click on the names

ABC News -

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CBS News -

Dateline at NBC -

Ted Koppel at ABC -


Dan Rather at CBS -

See the results of the should Clinton resign poll.

POSTSCRIPT: Sunday, September 20th, 1998
before the video tape is released on Monday.

I have received hundreds of emails asking me what my position is on the various issues surrounding Clinton. These are my opinions, you can agree or disagree with them

The one thing that I have observed from when this story first broke regarding Lewinsky, is not only a lack of what I term prudent intelligence from all sources but a severe lack of human compassion. This includes the media, Starr, The White House, members of Congress, and we, the American people. There is a very simple right and wrong of things, especially with it comes to lieing, however, none of us living upon this earth have lived a "perfect" life, I certainly haven't. What I have not understood about this is the need to totally use what I term unscrupulous tactics to not only dig up whatever you can on someone to bring them down, but then to further destroy them is another matter. I wrote the column above about the Reagan, Bush Clinton drug connection, not to try and destroy Clinton further, but if anything to show that those in Washington who are pointing the fingers do not have their lilly white sleeves "clean" either. Both parties have hidden and tried to hide things for years. Therefore enough is enough. Kenneth Starr, by the means that he used, has not hurt Clinton, he has hurt America in more ways than be counted, and also has placed a mark of distrust on the office of the Presidency that will take along time for Americans to ever believe in another President. I said at the beginning that if Clinton had told the truth about his relationship, he may have lost the Paula Jones case, but he certainly would not have gone through the "hell" that he and his family have been through, regardless of what he did with Lewinsky. No one has the right to do that to another human being, especially in America. We are suppose to be a God loving nation, my God is a loving God, not a destroyer of human lives. Our Congress for many selfish political reasons took the path of further destruction and my opinion in the long term, both parties will suffer from the decisions they have been making, especially in releasing the video tape of Clinton's testimony. I don't need to see him on video, the man has admitted his error, however he hasn't admitted he lied, and because of that is where he lost my trust in him. I've read and heard enough of this whole affair and I had hoped that two things would have happened. That President Clinton would have seen that the right thing to do would be to have resigned, and Congress would have put an end to this disgrace of our nation and moved on. The numbers that I am seeing not only from the poll that has been conducted on my site but other polls as well has told me one thing. This is a not only a test of the moral fabric of our society, ( and I am not talking about religious views or teachings, i.e. adultery ), but that Americans had a very difficult time at first in finding their conscious with this. But what I am concerned about is how long it took for Americans to decide their thoughts on it. And I believe that a big part of this indecision was, that in each of us, we know that we are not without "sin", doing something wrong in our life. Therefore it is hard to judge someone for the same thing that probably many have done, "lied about sex". However, there is a simple right and wrong as I said, and maybe, just maybe, Americans are finally starting to regain that within their conscious, but my question is, what about the heart, the act of forgiveness, and when you forgive, do you continue to destroy? Instead, Congress, and we are letting them do it I believe for those reasons I explained, have decided to continue "waving in the air" more dirty laundry for the world to see and further destroying the meaning of what America stands for. I thought she stood for freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is sad how everyone it appears in this whole mess has forgotten the meaning of those words all because of a insecure young woman who seduced a man, (the man participated and let her seduce him) and the man then lied about it. I wonder what George Washington would be thinking about all of this? Or would he even be a better judge to judge? It truly is not a matter of judging, it is a matter of simply standing up for what is right, forgiving, and then moving on. However, this is not to say that a price does not have to paid. Not only has Clinton paid a price, but our nation has paid a hefty one. All because of a "lie" and then the lack of true forgiveness. Hopefully, we have all learned from this.

I would like to end this column with a plea to the people and my readers in all countries. I call upon the loving grace of whatever you term is "GOD" in your life. Please use that grace to stop all the inhumane acts that are being done everywhere. That includes the rapes and murders in Indonesia. The bombings in Ireland. I call upon the Mothers of the world. Don't you realize the power you hold in which you could stop this all. Have we not grown into an uncivilized form of humanity who preach their different religions, but hardly practice them. What happen to the one similar teaching and law among all the religions, "LOVE THY NEIGHBOR". Or is that simply to hard for humans to do? God help us what another intelligent life form may think of us.

~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

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