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Photo of Non-Human Being Discovered
in 1932 Wyoming Mining Expedition
September, 1997
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

"Reading provides knowledge...
knowledge leads to answers."
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The 'being" disappeared in 1952 from the Wyoming Museum of Natural History, It was under "lock and key" in their vault. 1952...interesting, the Roswell Crash flap was still going on. Did our government have something to do with the disappearance of this "non-human being" also.

Non-Human Being 1932 Image

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In October 1932, two prospectors were working the gulch at the base of the Pedro Mountains about sixty miles west of Casper, Wyoming. They came across what appeared to be a small vein of gold on the edge of a huge rock area and decided to use dynamite to blast it out of the side of the small mountain. They set their charges, withdrew and waited for the smoke to clear. What they saw afterwards amazed them at first. The blast had opened a cave about four feet by four feet and fifthteen deep. They crawled inside after lighting a lantern and were at first startled at what they first saw. Sitting on a small rock ledge was this tiny figure of what appeared to be a man, but different looking than a man, cross armed and cross legged. This whatever it was, was bronze in color, very wrinkled and about fourteen inches in height. It was somewhat mummified. They took it into Casper, where thousands of laymen and scientists alike were dumbfounded. Never before in the history of man kind had anything like this ever been discovered. Some thought it was a hoax of some kind until.....

When did this creature die and how old was it were some of the questions being raised by curious scientists. Finally, Dr. Henry Fairfield, a noted scientist and member of the Wyoming State Historical Society named it "Hesperopithicus" and studied the being. Anthropologists from Harvard also became satisfied after examining the being that it was genuine and shared the view of Dr. Henry Shapiro of the American Museum of Natural History, and of Dr. Fairfield who both had x-rayed the being and said, "the being is of an extremely great age, historically speaking, and of a type and stature quite unknown to us. It is "human" yet, not "human"

A theory came about that it might be a mummified infant by the Boston Museum Egyptian Department. They declared emphatically, "the method of its' preservation matches that of the Egyptian Pharaohs, there is no question that it was fully grown at its' time of death and it is definitely not "human".

The findings by everyone examining the creature found that it had a full set of what appeared to be "human" teeth, skull, spine, rib cage, bones, that "almost" matched those of a "normal" human being, but with these notable differences. The brain had three parts to it, and the being had "two" hearts. How old is this "being". That we will never no. Even though this "being" was locked up in a vault at the Wyoming State Museum of Natural History, the "being" somehow disappeared in 1952. Interesting huh folks. 1952.....The Roswell Crash. Could there be some connection? Could the government, knowing that this "being" was around, with all the hype of the Roswell crash still going on did not what this "being" around?

In the early 1950's, many wonderful and new technologies were coming forth. New means of identifying the "age" of organic matter thru carbon testing, and even the beginnings of tissue identification between species were being discovered. What if this "being " had been left for such study under the technology that would emerge over the next 40 years and that technology would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this being did not come from earth. I don't think the government wanted to take that chance, do you?


~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

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