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Homeland Security Department
Could It Create A Police State?
June 30th, 2002
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey
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knowledge leads to answers."
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The new Homeland Security Department will take more of your civil rights away
The House has passed it on July 26th, 2002. View which House Members voted for it HERE

Please contact your Senators HERE to vote against the creation of the Homeland Security Dept. Addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are listed.

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In the last several days, a national firestorm has started to build around a program proposed by President Bush to recruit one million volunteers to act as spies and informants against their neighbors. Under the proposed program -- which the President is calling Operation TIPS -- the government would recruit letter carriers, utility workers, cable installers, and others whose jobs allow them access to private residences to report "suspicious activities." This is only the beginning of a police state.

But the plan has run into trouble in Congress. The House is moving to reject the President's program. It is not clear what the Senate will do, but it is likely to vote on the bill in the coming days. The fate of this deeply misguided program could very well rest with the Senate.

Take Action! Your Senators will play a key role in deciding whether or not Operation TIPS will go ahead. You can read more and send a FREE FAX to your Senators, urging them to reject this misguided program, at the ACLU action center at:

I ask, I implore each and everyone one of you to immediately contact your Senators and Congressman to put an end to both of these.

There is a complete listing of all Senators and Congressmen with contact information on my site: Senators and Congressmen

This is a continuing series of in-depth columns.
If you have not read the previous columns listed below, I encourage you to.

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In Depth Special ReportReport

Americans must regain control of Washington. We must let our officials in Washington know that we, the American voter is in charge not they. Americans need no longer take a back seat to the welfare and destiny of their lives. To do nothing will only erode our individual rights away even further. When contacting your Senators and Congressman, please write an actual letter and state you are against the Homeland Security Department of becoming a cabinet level position and are totally against the TIPS program.

It has come to my attention by reliable sources that due to the millions of emails that Congressmen now receive in Washington, that usually only about 1 out of 100 is ever read. That means two things, that only 1% are actually being read. This means they translate this that only 1% of their voters are against something. You MUST write and actual letter or even better, CALL and get a fax number and fax your letter! I implore you, get envolved. Your future rights are at stake here! Recently, last month, 98% of the 17,000 of you that completed my survey on the 911 Who Knew What When said that you believe many are lieing in Washington about the facts.

Please take action on these important issues. Send a copy of this email to your friends/family. With your help we can get this email circulated to millions across America within days.

I said in my last column that I was going to write about why the United States needs to switch to a flat tax income tax. A more important issue has come up, however, please read my previous column that I wrote in August, 1999 on the flat tax issue. Now, I would like to address the most current issue before the American people.

First, I would like to share with you a parable I was told as a young man by a Lakota Sioux Indian medicine woman.

Here is the parable she told me. On afternoon, a fire erupted in the forest. A scorpion ran through the forest yelling, "Fire, Fire, we are in danger, follow me to the river." All the animals and insects followed the scorpion to the edge of the river out of the forest. Then the scorpion convinced all the animals and insects they had to cross the river to safety. Some of the animals leaped into the river on faith blindly. Some could swim, some could not and drown. The scorpion remained on the edge of the river because he could not swim. A fox then came out of the forest with his fur smoldering and came up behind the scorpion. The scorpion said to himself, "I'll outfox this fox." The scorpion turned around and asked the fox, "Could I ride on your back as your cross the river, we both need to ge to safety?" The fox answered the scorpion, ,"No, because if I let you ride on my back, you'll just sting me." The scorpion replied, "Oh no, I wouldn't do that because if I did we would both drown." The fox thought about it and it made sense and the fox agreed to let he scorpion ride on his back as the fox started to swim across the river.

Just as the fox was only a few feet from the other side, the scorpion stung the fox in the neck. The fox was able to climb up on the bank of the river. He believed what the scorpion told him that he would not sting him, but the fox still asked the scorpion as the fox was starting to die, "Why did you do that, I believed you?" The scorpion jumped off the fox's back and said, "I'm sorry, it's just my nature."

Now, you are probably asking yourself what does this parable have to do with the new Homeland Security Department that President Bush has recently accounced he wants to create? It is this.

Under President Bush's new proposal to set up a new cabinet level position called Director of Homeland Security, who would oversee over 80 government agencies including the Coast Guard, FBI, CIA, Border Patrol, Secret Service, Immigration. This one person would have control of all these agencies and this one person would report to the President on a cabinet level basis. President Bush says it is a reorganization that is needed to make the agencies more efficient in this time of the war against terrorism. What you don't know is this.

President Bush's proposed new cabinet-level Homeland Security Department would create an agency in size beyond belief with massive authority. It would have more armed federal agents with un-limited search and seizure and arrest powers than any other branch of government. And this is the most disturbing. The President's proposal would explicitly remove the structural and legal safeguards necessary to keep the agency open and accountable to the american voter.

Presently, all of these agencies are subject to both Houses of Congress by investigation, on procedures, and how they are run by either House. In addition, currently, the Inspector General can investigate any wrong doings in any agency without the approval of any President or Senator. As proposed by the President Bush, this new Homeland Security Department cabinet secretary in charge would have veto power over the Inspector General's audits and investigations. It will also exclude the new agency from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and whistleblower protections. Meaning, any records in any of these agencies would no longer be available under the Freedom of Information Act and whistleblowers in bringing forth matters of corruption or malfesense of any type would not be protected. It would not protect someone like FBI agent Coleen Rowley who wrote the damaging letter to Congress about the 911 defects within the FBI.

The creation of this new cabinet level position that totally engulfs these agencies should not, must not take place. Here's why.

Creating this new cabinet level posittion is not fixing the problems that are within these agencies. It is my opinion it is these two things. One, to close the doors to these agencies to be held accountable actions to the american public. Two, it is an attempt to expand the police state powers of these agencies, but under the control of one person who would only report to the President. This bothers be greatly for several reasons.

Our constitution states, America was, "Created By The People and For The People." That means that the government which includes any government agency, any President, any Congressman will be held accountable to the people, not the other way around.

Americans have already lost too many individual rights in many areas over the last few years. America is slowly becoming more of a police state and especially after 911. It is understandable that the fight against terrorists who are unlike any other enemy of warfare requires enhanced and different means to wage the war, however, this does not mean that the individual rights of citizens should be encroached upon. And one of those rights is the American voters right to be in charge, to know what their government is doing and openly. Once any group of people relinguish their right to the facts, the truth, those people, that country no longer have a democratic institution. Once the masses relinguish the authority and control over those that are suppose to serve them, especially when it becomes as routine as it has, the people lose the ability to govern their destiny and lives.

The present agencies that would be included in this new department do not need to be under one roof. How can anyone think by putting them under the control of one person and reporting to only one person that the problems will be fixed? The problems can be fixed without putting everything under the control and power of only one. It is even worse that these agencies would no longer be held accountable to the American people. Access to documents or knowing what is truly going on within them would be non-exsistent. There was a President, who, before he was Presdient, was the director of the CIA. At that time, the CIA Director only reported to the President. It was during this time that the one of the worst government corruptions occurred, the Iran-Contra affair. It was after that, that Congress took steps that created committees that the CIA, FBI and NSA reported to Senate Committees. Do we really want to relinguish that ability of these agencies being monitored by those we elect to do that for us?

I would like to share a piece of history past as an example of when a people relinquish too much to their government. Now, by me giving this example of history, I am not implying that we have such a government official in our government today. I am simply showing what can happen when power is given to a few.

There was a figure in the not too distant past in history that managed to convince the masses that their democratic country was in dire peril because of forces that were termed evil. These forces were called communists. When the communists attempts to take over the country failed through elections they resorted to activities like modern day terrorists. They began attacking local governments within the country. They used homemade bombs that killed innocent people. This political figure then was able to convince the masses that something was needed to protect them better. Also during this time, this political figure in this country was slowly working his way up in the political system of the country. He was able to convince what would be considered the President of the country that a new agency was needed to rid the country of these evil communists. So, the creation of an agency was created in this country. It was a new police agency, but it was named the SS. After the communists were destroyed, this political figure would turn these same tantics of destroying and eliminating another group of people, the jews. The country was Germany. This figure in history I am talking about was Hitler. You know the rest of the story.

Congress must not accept the President's proposal of the creation of this new cabinet level position that would put all of the police agencies under the control of one person. It must by all means reject any proposal that would meld the FBI, CIA and NSA into this position. These agencies must be accountable only to Congress, not within a cabinet level position of the Presidency. Doing so will create the potential of a police state under the control of one person.Once the masses relinguish the authority and control over those that are suppose to serve them, especially when it becomes as routine as it has, the people lose the ability to govern their destiny and lives.

Futhermore, the only way that the problems within these agencies are going to be fixed is this way. Congress must insist that all department from this day forth fully comply with the Freedom of Information Act in disclosing all revelant information that does not endanger national security. Congress must enforce the Whistleblowers Protection Act so that others like Coleen Rowley can come forward an expose the the problems so they can be fixed. All agencies must continute to also report to Senate Committees, like the Senate Intelligence Committee. And part of the problem is that whoever these Senate Intelligent Committee members are, they need to do there job better by demanding and receiving more information from these agencies. Good or bad and that means that if a director of any of these agencies, ( since they are appointed by the each new incoming President usually), is not doing their job, then it is these Committees than can and should quickly fire them. Accountability must be instilled once again by our elected officials. It has been too long that accountability has been thrown out the window. Look at the Enron mess. Is Congress going to make those Enron executives give back the nearly 780 million dollars that those executives literally stole from investors and employees in their fraudulent stock manipulations? We, the American people have the right to know what is going on and the truth, it is that simple. And to have justice. Anyone in my opinion that says we do not have those rights, is nothing more than a dictator to me.

I urge every American, every one of my readers to write, call and fax your Congressman to stop this madness. You can find a listing of your Senators and Representatives, which list email addresses, phone numbers, etc. on my site here. The creation of this new cabinet position must be stopped. I urge all my readers to click on this FORM and provide email addresses of your friends and family that need to read this column so that they can get envolved in the letter writing to Congressman. An email will be sent in your behalf to your friends and family listing this column and the website and why they must read it.

I would truly like to hear from you regarding your thoughts on this matter and whether you agree or disagree with me. So, please email me, you can use this form, Contact Form.

Also, if you have not read my column The Facts Of 911 - Who Knew What When,
make sure you do.

As I told you in my last column, in this column and in future columns, news and my comments on several different areas of interest will be included.



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In 2001, enough new wind turbines were erected to provide electricity to nearly 475,000 homes annually in the country. It has been shown that if wind farms were put on less than 1% of American land, they would provide nearly 20% of our electricity, about what we get from nuclear power or from oil imports. If we used 2% of American land, we could do almost do away with nearly every nuclear power plant and would not be dependent on middle-eastern arab oil or the purchasing of Russian oil. Why are we getting in bed with Russia anyway? Russia is building two nuclear plants in Iran. This would Iran the ability to manufacture the bomb. Iran provides safe haven and supports terrorists groups including Al-queda. In addition, Russia has clamped down again on many of their democratic processes and civil freedoms for Russian citizens. I thought our present adminstration has stated that we will not tolerate any country that permits terrorism to breed. Well...Russia is certainly creating the capabilty for one of the most terrorists nations on earth to start world war three. Could someone tell me if I am missing something here? And thanks to the present adminstrations cancelling of wind farms funding to expand wind farms with grants, we can kiss that goodbye. So. we will continue to have to worry about global warming, air pollution etc. because someone wants America to purchase oil from Russia. Hello Washington...anyone listening?

Also, if you have not read my column The Facts Of 911 - Who Knew What When,
make sure you do.



In October, 1998, I wrote my column, "Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killers". I warned readers about the health dangers of these oils. I also explained that oils that have been hydogenated at high temperatures to fuse hydrogen into them, create various deadly transformed fatty acids and chemicals. Swedish reseachers have now identified a chemical, Acrylamide, a polymor type plastic that is used in the making of plastic and also a known carcinogen is a by product of baking or frying carbohydrates like french fries at high temperatures. The World Health Organization recently met with over 800 scientists to implement measures to validate the research studies. In upcoming columns, I will provide the latest updates, research and news on this. For the time being, I advise, avoid anything baked or fried at high temperatures, and especially foods containing hydrogenated oils.


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If you have not read my column on Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killers and Aspartame, Sweetness or Death, also known as Equal, make sure you do.

David Lawrence Dewey

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