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Hydrogenated Oils - Silent Killers
Last Updated: September 20, 2012
Originally Written - September 18th, 1996
January 22, 2005 - August 10, 2005
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by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey
"Reading provides knowledge...
knowledge leads to answers."
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Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killers
by columnist, David Lawrence Dewey
© copyrighted 1996
Updated September 20th, 2012

David Lawrence Dewey was the first journalist to raise the warning flag to consumers concerning the deadly health effects of hydrogenated oils in 1996.

The article below is the most comprehensive and extensive article on the net about hydrogenated oils. The article explains what hydrogenated oils are, when hydrogenated oils first started being used, and the deadly effects of hydrogenated oils which cause a myriad of health problems ranging from coronary heart disease, to diabetes type II, to cancer, autism, food allergies and autoimmune diseases. Hydrogenated oils are transformed oils the body does not know what to do with. In the column you will learn how hydrogenated oils are made, why hydrogenated oils are used to increase shelf and why hydrogenated oils are so deadly to the human body. Even partially hydrogenated oils are just as deadly.

Provided below are numerous references and links to research studies from Harvard Medical Research, The Helsinky Institute and other reputable research centers around the world showing the deadly health effects of hydrogenated oils. You will read actual research studies that show the deadly health effects of consuming hydrogenated oils and why you must avoid all products containing hydrogenated oils. Hydrogenated oils are deadly to children. Hydrogenated oils are the reason for the increase in diabetes and heart disease, even in children. Partially hydrogenated oils are just as deadly. The article has been read by over 50 million readers worldwide since 1996 and is continuously being updated. Make sure you read the updates at the end of the column.

In addition, make sure you read DL Dewey's column, "Aspartame - Sweetness Or Death, Also Known As Equal and Nutrasweet."

In this column, you will read about the deadly health effects of this chemical sweetener. You'll also read about Dr. Janet Hull. Dr. Hull wrote the book,Sweet Poison.

In addition, Dr. Janet Hull also has a new published book, - Splenda®: Is It Safe or Not? - Make sure you read about this in Dewey's Aspartame column.

In Dewey's Aspartame column, you'll also read about Mary Stoddard, Aspartame Consumer Safety Network who first informed the public about the deadly health effects of Aspartame in 1986. There is also information pertaining to Cori Bracket who made the documentary, "Sweet Misery", about the deadly health effects of Aspartame.

UPDATE: February 19, 2011

Listen to Dewey on these two radio talk shows in January and February, 2011 talk about hydrogenated oils and other toxins in the food supply:

It's All About Food" with Caryn Hartglass - New York.

The TrutherGirls Radio Talk show, February 8th, 2011, you can listen to the archive of the show here:
The Truther Girls - Montreal, Canada

Beware of Interesterified Oils

I updated my column in 2006 about this and you will read about it below. I am reminding my readers again about this.Food manufacturers are getting around the trans fat labeling by mixing small amounts of fully hydrogenated oil with liquid polyunsaturate oils and calling "interesterified oil."

They claim that fully hydrogenated oil is healthier. Believe me, it is not ! Since there is less trans fat, they can sell this product to food manufacturers for use in commercial dressings, baked goods, candies and anything else that used to have partially hydrogenated oil in the ingredient list.

In plain english, interestification means mixing fully hydrogenated oil with liquid polyunsaturate oil to produce a consistency similar to partially hydrogenated oil, which is the source of trans fats. This is the manufactueres solution to the trans fat problem and labeling requirements and it all has to do with GREED an your health expense!

Also beware of mono-diglycerides, they are nothing more than hydrogenated oils. Read your Food Labels!

Mono-Diglycerides - Nothing More Than Hydrogenated Oils!
Make sure you read this !

Mono-Diglycerides - Northing More Than Hydrogenated Oils!

New Study Shows Hydrogenated Oils - Trans-Fats Cause Atherosclerosis

Scientists have discovered the method by which dietary trans-fats cause hardening of the arteries and plague buildup in the arteries. A study on mice shows trans-fats cause atherosclerosis by reducing the responsiveness of a key protein, transforming growth factor (TGF)-beta, that controls growth and differentiation in cells.

Junk Food Is As Addictive as Heroin and Smoking and Causes Obesity

A new study, published in February of this year which shows that Junk food 'is as addictive as heroin and smoking and causes obesity'.

The study was published in Feb. of this year by a Dr. Paul Kenny, Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Therapeutics at Scripps Research Institute in California. Dr. Kenny received his degrees in Ireland and England. B.A., Biochemistry, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, Ph.D., Neuropsychopharmacology, King's College London, UK. He presently is an Associate Professor at Scripps Univerisity in La Jolla, California.

Dr. Kenney's study found burgers, chips and sausages programmed a human brain into craving even more sugar, salt and fat laden food. He and other researchers found laboratory rats became addicted on a bad diet just like people who became dependent on cocaine and heroin. They also became fat and bloated

I have been writing and saying this same thing for years and now its' been proven.

Here is a link to the actual study published by Neuroscience. - Study

Here is a link to the Scripps Research Press Release concerning the study.

Scripps Press Release concerning study.

Before we get to the column...a short note from David Lawrence Dewey:

In 1996, when I first wrote about the serious health dangers of hydrogenated oils, there were many that thought I was nuts. Interesting how when one keeps telling the truth, eventually people will start to listen.

I hope and pray that this will continue across the country and more and more cities and states will not only ask, but enact laws to ban hydrogenated oils/trans fats as Denmark did in 2003. I also hope that States will ban the use of mono-diglycerides and the chemical sweetener Aspartame, also known as Equal and Nutrasweet.

In 2002, I began working with over 400 mothers across the country in which a massive letter writing campaign began to the FDA and Congressman. The outcome of that was by January 1st, 2004 all food labels must list the percentage of trans fats, the by-product of hydrogenated oils. In addition, these brave mothers, out of concern for their children, have force school boards to remove junk food machines and soft drink machines, especially diet soft drink containing the deadly sweetener aspartame from over 200 schools nationwide.

In addition, through PTA associations, they have made school cafeterias stop serving foods containing hydrogenated oils to their children. If this has not been done in your school districts, as a concerned Mother, you should get with other mothers in your school districts and demand these changes. Your children's health is at risk. I have received hundreds of thousands of emails from readers of how their health has improved and how they have eliminated many health problems, including diabetes type II and finally losing weight.

In case you are not aware, in 2005, a law was passed that any school receiving federal funds for school meals, ( 90% of all school receive federal funds for meals), must develop and implement a wellness and food policy before the 2006-2007 school year. This law is unique because it REQUIRES schools to INCLUDE parents in the process.

Now is the time for all of you parents to spread the word and get involved. It's your right now under the law to demand good nutrition for your children at school. Contact your school Principal and ask to be put into the loop. Contact your local PTA Association as well and get others involved. Please get involved to make sure your children are eating healthy foods!

This is what you should expect your school cafeteria to provide your children:

  • Low fat milk offered in clear plastic bottles - NO chocolate or strawberry flavored milk, kids will drink more of it but it is loaded with high fructose corn syrup which causes diabetes in children !

    * DO not allow no-fat food to be served. Studies show that no-fat foods actually cause weight gain because it changes the way the body is processing fats and how they NOT burn fats in the body.

    * Milk and dairy products should be organic that do not contain anti-biotics and pesticides like regular milk does.

    * Cows feed non-organic grains have increased pesticides in milk. Cows that are injected with anti-biotics pass this into their milk. Studies show that by ingesting these by-products of anti-biotics in products is lowering the resistant to bacteria in the human body.

    *All dairy products SHOULD not contain carregenan. Carregenan is used in many products as a thickening agent. Studies have shown it increases inflammation throughout body and increases arthritis and breathing disorders like asthma.

  • All meats should be from organic sources. Chicken should be organic, free from anti-biotic injections and range fed. Eggs should be as well.

  • More fresh water fish - NO FARM RAISED FISH - these fish are showing unusual strains of bacteria in the meat.

  • More fruits and vegetables on the menus - preferably organic to reduce pesticide ingestion * All fruits and vegetables should be carefully washed. If not organic, outside peelings like apples and other fruits should not be eaten with these peelings because of possible high pesticide contamination.

    *Check to see where fruits are coming from, what country? Fruits coming from Mexico and South America where they allow the use of many pesticides BANNED in the U.S. In these countries, farmers also use human waste and sewage water for fertilizers. Do you want your children eating this?

  • No junk foods - demand that all junk foods be taken out of food machines.

  • No soft drinks - demand that all soft drinks be replaced with drinking water or 100% fruit juices.

    *Juices should not be sweetened with high fructose syrup, a leading cause of your children developing diabetes.

  • Whole grains in bread products




  • NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP - CAUSES DIABETES and it is made from genetically altered corn !
  • Healthy oils that should be used are; olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, safflower oil.

Here is an example of one recent email I've received from a Mother who has gotten involved:


I heard on the news today that New York City Health officials have asked restaurants to stop using hydrogenated oils in their businesses.

Your years of fighting hydrogenated oils has paid off again. This sets a tone that hopefully will now be followed across the country.

You should be proud that you have saved countless lives over the years with your hydrogenated oils column.

And David, thank you for turning me on about hydrogenated oils seven years ago!

After I read your column and eliminated these deadly oils from my family's diet, you won't believe how our health problems went away, allergies, stomach, you name it.

I and other mothers also contacted school officials and demanded that junk foods and soft drinks be removed from school grounds. In addition, we also demanded based on your other recommendations for good nutrition changes to the school food cafeteria menus for our children. You have literally helped make not only my family healthier but many others!

Thank you so much! ~ Pamela - New York

If you would like to know the truth and facts which will set you free, then read the column to follow. The information compiled in this column has been done to save lives. Don't believe what you have been told to believe or been lead to believe! Once you read the truth and discover how you've been lied to about how your health has been affected, you should become very angry. I hope it will inspire you to do something about it!

For those of you that require proof, go to my: Research Links Page

Go to this PAGE and print out several sheets of these warning slips.
Pass them out to friends, family, people at the grocery store when you go.

After you read this column...make sure you read my

Now to the Hydrogenated Oils column...

Hydrogenated Oils-The Silent Killers
by David Lawrence Dewey
© September 18th, 1996
Continously updated through 2010
- All Rights Secured

On Tuesday, Oct. 20th, 1998, Oprah Winfrey's show with Dr. Bob Arnot and other researchers commented about the link between hydrogenated oils and breast cancer. Studies show there is a 40% increase in breast cancer in women eating hydrogenated oils. They also presented evidence concerning flaxseed oil and how by adding this to your diet reduces tumors by 50%. To get a transcript, call Harpo Productions at (312) 633-1000. There is a charge for the transcript. The National Cancer Research Institute already released a warning concerning this recent study.

This is available on the research links page. In addition, I had already reported these findings to consumers months earlier before Oprah decided to report about them. I wonder where she got the idea from? Hello? I've also written about the health benefits of flaxseed for years.

The FDA in 2005 finally mandated that by January 1, 2006, food manufacturers must list the percentage of trans-fatty acid, (i.e. NOT hydrogenated oils). However, the final ruling from the FDA after food corporations lobbied against the percentage listing turned out to be a joke. Food manufacturers can say -0- trans fats on a product even if each seving has up to 1/2 gram of trans-fats in it. As long as each serving does not exceed 1/2 gram of trans-fats, it can say -0- trans-fats on the front of the product. Let's say a product has (8) servings in it and each serving contains 1/2 gram of trans-fats. When the person eats all (8) servings, they have just consumed 4 grams of trans-fatty artery clogging oils. So, what the food manufacturers did was reduce the size of the serving to get it under 1/2 gram. YOU MUST READ THE INGREDIENTS LABEL. If the product says partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oils of any type - DON'T EAT IT !.

Hydrogenated oils and trans fatty acids are silent killers

Research studies show conclusively these deadly oils cause non-insulin dependent type II diabetes, or hyperinsulinemia. This is a disease which can eventually burn out the pancreas and cause insulin dependent diabetes. These changed molecular oils dramatically increase the risk of coronary heart disease, breast cancer, other types of cancers and auto immune diseases. Over 100 research studies show how harmful these oils are to the human body. However, these findings have been largely ignored by the mass media and the FDA. In addition, the Commercial Edible Food Industry has suppressed these research findings for sometime. Why? Money and lots of it! Food processing companies and the companies that own the patents on this process would lose billions of dollars if they had to change their method of food production of hydrogenating oils. The main reason oils are hydrogenated is that the hydrogenation of the oils act as a preservative. This leads to increased shelf life of products and less returns or spoilage of products. But at what cost is it to the human body?

The human body needs the type of essential fatty acids that Mother Nature has provided. Hydrogenated oils are molecularly changed oils that are toxic to the body. Soon after food production companies started using hydrogenated oils, substantial increases in several diseases occurred within a few years. In particular was a new disease which the medical profession had to name because they did not know what was causing it. It was not the normal type of diabetes but a new type. This new type of diabetes was named diabetes type II.

Over the last fifty years since the introduction of hydrogenated oils, this disease has increased over 1000%. Over 90% of the foods produced today contain hydrogenated oils. Let me also make it very clear, there is NO difference between hydrogenated oil vs partially hydrogenated oils. They are equally as bad. On my website is a listing of contact information for food production companies, your Congressman and Senators. I urge all of my readers to write, fax or call these food companies and your elected representatives to stop the usage of hydrogenated oils in food production.

UPDATED - NEW 2003 and 2004 Research Studies

The new 2003 and 2004 studies confirm once again the following:

  • Trans Fats and acrylamide in food increases atherosclerosis - ( clogs arteries )
  • Foods contain as much as 35.3% hydrogenated trans-fats
  • Trans fatty acids are associated with myocardial infarction or heart attack
  • Dietary intake of trans fatty acids causes systemic inflammation in women.

On the research links page, instructions on how to search the National Pub/Med Libraries and other medical libraries on your own are given if you want. I have provided although copies of some of the research studies, including a warning from the American Heart Association to avoid foods with hydrogenated oils. I am simply trying to get the truth out, the real truth. I have no hidden agenda. I am not trying to sell anything. Simply the truth to save lives!

I want every consumer, every Mother, every Grandmother reading this article to believe that you can change the health of your loved ones and change the way food companies are making food. You will have to own your power to make this change. What I mean by this is this. Too many people have forgotten that they have power to effect change in many ways in their lives. They have forgotten that they have this power. I tell everyone "own your power" to make effective change in your life, in politics, whatever it is. Sometimes, when I am talking about hydrogenated oils, I look at people and ask them, do you "OYP". They look at me strange because they think I am using internet jargon. That is when I explain. People must own their power, acknowledge that they have it first, but then realized by owning your own power you can effect postiive change. If enough consumers understood this and "owned their power" in stop purchasing products with these deadly oils in them, in time this power would change the food companies in how they are making their products.

Believe that you have this power ! Own Your Power !

Why the body needs essential fatty acids

Mother nature dictates very simply the proper nutrients the human body needs for proper functioning. Through thousands of years of genetic evolution to our environment, the body has changed in how it absorbs, metabolizes and utilizes nutrients obtained from natural foods. Essential fatty acids are very important nutrients the body needs for many reasons. Dr. Joanna Budwig, a West German biochemist was the first to shed light on the role of essential fatty acids. She has been nominated several times for the Nobel Prize in medicine and is recognized as the world's leading authority on fats and oils.

Essential fatty acids are the building blocks of fats. They play important roles within the human body by affecting almost every major organ, cell membrane production and immune system function. Natural occurring essential fatty acids have an electrical weight that changes the fluidity of cell membranes. This is very important on how healthy immune cells develop. When oils are transformed by the hydrogenation process, this electrical weight is changed in essential fatty acids. This affects the fluidity which causes cell membranes to "stiffen". Flaxseed oil is the best vegetable source of these natural occurring essential fatty acids. There are three important essential fatty acids needed by the human body. They are linoleic (omega-6 type), linoleic acid N (omega-4 type) and alpha-linolenic N (omega-3 type). There are 50 other various essential nutrients the body needs to function properly to produce good health.

The human body cannot produce EFA'S. It is dependent on acquiring them from vegetable or fish oils in the proper ratios. It is from these essential fatty acids that the body synthesizes long chain-fatty acids such as dihomogammalinolenic acid, (DGLA), apentaenoic acid, (EPA), arachidonic acid, (AA) and docosahexaenoic acid, (DHA). These newly formed acids play a dual role. They form cell membranes which affect the function of the cells. There are also eicosanoids, substances that act as a cell to cell communicator. The research data shows that hydrogenated oils form trans fatty acids which the body simply does not know what to do with. The body does not synthesize them properly. If the human body does not acquire natural occurring essential acids, (non-hydrogenated oils), the body does not form healthy normal cells. Instead, abnormal cells are produced.

In North America, the diet is and has been sorely lacking for over 40 years in Omega-3's essential fatty acids. The western diet has been reduced to 1 part Omega-3's, (LNA,EPA,DHA essential fatty acids), to more than 12 parts of Omega-6's, (LA,AA). All of these fatty acids are needed in the proper ratio of (1) part Omega-3's to (4) parts Omega-6's. These naturally occurring essential fatty acids are also needed for the production of prostaglandins. These are hormones necessary for cell to cell biochemical functions such a energy metabolism, cardiovascular and immune system function health. Prostaglandins are also anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor hormones. Prostaglandins are part of the substances in our bodies called eicosanoids. Eicosanoids are hormones that regulate molecules in most forms of life. They do not travel in the blood like hormones, they are created in cells. Eicosanoids main function is to act as a delivery vehicle. They regulate the movement of calcium. This affects dilation and contraction of our muscles, especially the heart. They also regulate the inhibition and promoting of clotting, the regulating of digestive juices, and certain hormones. This in turn regulates proper diuresis, proper salt retention, and most important, PROPER CELL DIVISION AND GROWTH. If proper cell division and growth is lacking in the body, the end results are cancers or auto immune diseases. Diabetes falls into the later.

Prostaglandins are produced in the cells by the action of certain enzymes using essential fatty acids. There are two pathways of how the prostaglandins are used by the body. This is based on which type is absorbed by the body, either natural Omega-3 or Omega-6 essential fatty acids. Hydrogenated oils do not provide these. Without these natural occurring essential fatty acids, the body cannot produce these prostaglandins. The problem with most Americans is they don't eat enough of fish, the Omega-3 type oils. The western type diet provides more Omega-6 type essential fatty acids from oils. Consumers have been getting an improper balance of Omega-6's in the form of molecularly changed hydrogenated oils. The hydrogenation process also forms trans-fatty acids which are harmful to the human body based on substantial research studies worldwide.

In many individuals, these transformed oils will cause various degrees of acne, skin problems, boils and even cysts. The reason is, the body simply does not know what to do with these trans formed oils. The body will excrete them through the skin, but if it can't extrete them through the skin then that is when boils and cysts develope.

So if you are experiencing boils, cysts, acne or skin problems, stop eating foods containing hydrogenated oils and drink extra water to help flush previous hydrogenated oils out of the body.

What are hydrogenated oils and what is the process?
When and why were they invented?

The first patent for the hydrogenation process was in 1903 by William Norman. The first patent for hydrogenated cottonseed oil was in 1911. This is the same year that Proctor and Gamble came out with Crisco oil. Crisco was acombination of hydrogenated palm and cottonseed oil, mixed with lard and animal fats. People then were not purchasing it, so P&G started giving it away, literally. The patent was purchased by a major food producing company. In 1937, a new patent was filed by a Dr. Ellis working for a major oil company. He improved the process by separating certain fats for commercial use. Since then, additional patents have been filed for different methods of these processes. These patents from 1976 to present can be found at the U.S. Office of Patents and Trademarks on the internet. Prior to 1976, patent searches must be done to find the original patents.

In 1911, Mazola oil, a salad and cooking corn oil was introduced. In 1914, most of the companies removed any remaining animal fats in the oils they were producing and started using vegetable oils completely. Until this time, people were at least getting some essential naturally occurring fatty acids because of the animal fats. After 1914, the population began getting trans-formed essential fatty acids that became trans-fatty acids in their foods by the introduction of hydrogenated oils.

In 1957, margarines began to out sell butter.

During the process of hydrogenation, hydrogen atoms are moved to what is called the opposite side of the double bond of the molecular structure of the fatty acid in the oil. Click here to see the molecular change in graph.

This newly formed molecular configuration of the fatty acid, ( a changed carbon molecular structure of the fatty acid which the genetics of the body does not recognize) has been named "trans", meaning "on the other side of." Trans-fatty acids alter the normal transport of minerals and other nutrients across cell membranes. It weakens the protective structure and function of the cell. Hydrogenation gas is fused into the oils using a metal catalyst, aluminum, cobalt, and nickel. Without the metals, the hydrogen could not be fused into the oils. All are toxic metals to the body. This fusion takes place under pressure at temperatures of 248-410 degrees. Another words, the oils are changed molecularly. When you compare this changed essential fatty acid, which has now become a trans- fatty acid, it matches the same molecular structure of Stearic Acid. One of the uses of Stearic Acid is in the making of candles. It makes candles hard. Could this have the same affect on the human body in the form of hardening of arteries? In addition, by hydrogenating oils, more volume is produced. It increases the volume of the oil thus making more available to sell. Final result, more profit. However, its' main purpose is to increase shelf life of products. It is a preservative, and a deadly one.

During the late 1930's and early 1940's, a dramatic increase was seen in the following diseases. First was a disease that looked like diabetes, acted like diabetes, but was not caused by a deficiency of insulin. The medical profession was dumbfounded. All they knew was that a person produced enough insulin, but it was not effective in reducing sugar in the blood. They did not know what caused the insulin to be resistant. The medical establishment named this new disease non-insulin dependent diabetes, type II. The second and third diseases that increased dramatically were heart disease and cancer. This is the period also where new diseases which fell into the auto-immune classifications were being seen for the first time and named. The medical profession also did not know what was causing these new auto-immune diseases. They placed blame on the faulty genetics of the immune system. There is a correlation here. The increase of these new diseases began shortly after the introduction of hydrogenated oils in the food supply.

During 1973 to 1994, there was an increase of 364.3 various cancers to 462.0 various cancers per 100,000 population, a 22% increase. This information is available from the National Institutes of Health. More alarming is that from 1973 to 1992, an increase from 364.3 various cancers to 530.33 cancers per 100,000 population was seen. This was a 31% increase, an additional 9% increase from the previous years.

Heart disease is now claiming over 750,000 lives a year. The fusing of certain metals such as aluminum into the oils could very well be the reason why they are detecting high levels of aluminum in people. We all know about the link of aluminum to Alzehimers and cancer. We also know what lead poisoning does, especially to children. Non radioactive cobalt, the kind used as a catalyst in these oils is a component of vitamin B12. Some studies suggest that too much of this type of cobalt can cause cell destruction and nerve disorders. In addition, the fatty acids have been changed molecularly in which the body doesn't know how to properly metabolize them. Hypercholesteremia, ( high cholesterol or triglycerides) is a early warning sign that you will develop hyperinsulinemia. This disease produces too much insulin. The insulin is not effective in reducing sugar in the blood.

At the turn of the century, there were 2.8 diagnosed cases of diabetes and its' associated diseases. In 1949, this figure jumped to 16.4 per 100,00 population. This is a 585% increase in 50 years.

According to the National Center For Health Statistics

  • In 1985, there were 36,969 deaths caused by diabetes.

  • In 1995, there were 59,085 deaths caused from diabetes.

In ten years, this is 59.8 % increase, or roughly 6% per year. This increase of deaths caused from diabetes cannot be blamed on genetics. It can't be blamed because of people having bad genes. When you compare the substantial increases in the death rates today as to death rates before the introduction of hydrogenated oils in the food supply, anyone can very easily see the correlation. Nor does it have to do with newer diagnostic means or treatments of the disease. Deaths are deaths.

Leading experts in the research of diabetes estimate that todays figures of diagnosed cases of diabetes are now hitting 20,000 cases per 100,000 population. In 1949, the criteria for the diagnosis of diabetes was changed because this new disease of insulin resistant diabetes had not yet been named. However, is it a true diabetes or a disease created by harmful oils?

The following graph images are copyrighted- do not copy them !
Source for this data used to compile these graphs was compiled from the
CDC SEER Statistics, Census Data, National Institutes of Health Statistics
and the American Cancer Organization Statitics

Diabetes Graph
Diabetes Graph

The following graph images are copyrighted- do not copy them !

Heart Graph

The following graph images are copyrighted- do not copy them !
Cancer Graph

UPDATE 11-20-2003

New study, October 2002, from Malaysia shows without question that trans fatty acids significantly raises LDL cholesterol and significantly lowers the good HDL cholesterol, thereby increasing risk of coronary heart diease.

Read this important new study HERE. This is just one of hundreds of new studies since I first wrote this column in 1996. On the new study page listed above, click on the related research articles at the top and it will take to to PubMED where it will list hundreds of new research studies showing the dangerous health effects of these deadly hydrogenated oils.

UPDATE 6-24-1999

Two additional studies done at Tufts University and Harvard showing that hydrogenated oils/trans fatty acids have Effects of Different Forms of Dietary Hydrogenated Fats on Serum Lipoprotein Cholesterol Levels and Trans Fatty Acids and Coronary Heart Disease.

The New England Journal of Medicine -- June 24, 1999 -- Vol. 340, No. 25- Effects of Different Forms of Dietary Hydrogenated Fats on Serum Lipoprotein Cholesterol Levels
- ( )

The New England Journal of Medicine -- June 24, 1999 -- Vol. 340, No. 25 - Trans Fatty Acids and Coronary Heart Disease- ( )

The Research Findings On The Toxicity of Hydrogenated Oils

Dr. Mary G. Enig received her PHD in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Maryland in 1984. She has become one of the leading authorities on the toxic effects on hydrogenated oils on the human body. She has published over 35 scientific papers. She and other researchers have presented the negative effects that hydrogenated oils and trans-fatty acids have on the human body.

The research facility, The Virginia Polytechnic Institute studied the effect of trans fatty acids on bone development. The study showed very undesirable effects. Dr. Martin Katan from Holland found that trans fatty acids lowers the lipoprotein (HDL) the good cholesterol and raises the lipoprotein LDL which is the bad cholesterol. Dr. Walter Willett, Chairman of Nutrition at Harvard Medical, has published a paper on a 14 year study involving 85,000 nurses. His research study clearly shows that people consuming trans-fatty acids have the highest rate of heart disease. Other researchers such as Dr. Henry Blackburn, professor at the University of Minnesota, Dr. William Castelli, Director of the Framingham Cardiovascular Institute have found the same findings.

Dr. George Blackburn from Harvard has published papers showing no increase in heart disease in those countries where most of the oil used is either coconut oil or palm oil that has not been hydrogenated. This counters the claims that have been made for years by many sources, such as the Commercial Edible Food Industry whose research facilities funded the misrepresented counter claims that coconut or palm oils are bad.

UPDATE September, 2004

New study shows virgin, ( meaning non-hydrogenated ) coconut oil
is beneficial in lowering LDL cholesterol, LDL is the bad cholesterol.

Clinical Biochemistry. 2004 Sep;37(9):830-5
On Pub Med -

Quote from study:

Conclusion: The results demonstrated the potential beneficiary effect of virgin coconut oil in lowering lipid levels in serum and tissues and LDL oxidation by physiological oxidants.

Dr. Mary Enig has shown that when McDonald's started using hydrogenated oils, trans-fatty acids rose in their oils from 5% to 42-48% of the content of the oil. Recently, McDonalds has started using oils that are only partially hydrogenated. This partially hydrogenating has cut the trans fatty acids in half to between 21-24% of content but to many researchers, this is still too toxic to the body. Most European countries limit trans-fatty acids to 4% in any food, some ban them altogether.

When Dr. Ancel Keys published a paper stating that hydrogenated oils were responsible for heart disease, the response from the threatened edible oil industry claimed that only saturated fats, like butter were the culprits. The oil industry also contended that they supposedly eliminated the problem by only partially hydrogenating the oils. This is interesting. The food industry is saying that regular saturated fats are the culprits, but yet they are changing from fully hydrogenated oils to partially hydrogenated oils. It is apparent that their own in house scientists have found what other researchers have been saying for years. This is almost identical to what the in house scientists for the tobacco companies did twenty five years ago, bury the facts.

Tobacco Giant Phillip Morris owns Krafts Foods

Did you know that Phillip Morris, the largest tobacco company owns Krafts Foods. Why have they suppressed their own findings? Could it open a pandora's box to lawsuits concerning diseases caused from hydrogenated oils? Research studies from many researchers have shown that there is no increase in heart disease when normal amounts of regular saturated fat are consumed. However, research has shown the ill effects of hydrogenated oils, whether they be fully or partially hydrogenated. Either type of hydrogenated oils are deadly to the body.

Statistics from the National Institute of Health show that people are not dieing from heart disease as often as they were three years ago. This does not mean that less people are developing heart disease. The reduced numbers in deaths are attributed to newer technology and drug treatment. The truth is that the statistics for diagnosed cases of heart disease has increased dramatically over the last 30 years according to Dr. Udo Erasmus, PH.D, a consultant to the fats and oils business. According to Dr. Erasmus, 15% of the population in 1900 died from heart disease. Today it is 44%. In 1900, 3% died from cancer. Today, it is 23%. This cannot all be attributed to gene defects. Heart disease has become a multi-billion dollar business. It benefits researchers funded by the NIH and heart speciality corporations treating heart disease and most handsomely, drug companies. No wonder no one wants to admit what the real research is showing. Dr. Edward Siguel, M.D. Ph.D, an award winning researcher, also found a definite correlation between hydrogenated trans-fatty acids and heart disease. Furthermore, his study found that people with the lowest trans-fatty acids had the lowest heart disease.

The latest findings from Harvard researchers published in November, 1997, state, "it's not the level of or amount of fat intake that increases heart attacks and heart disease, but the type of fats consumed, especially trans fatty acids." During the last twenty years, a substantial increase in the number of children and young adults having high cholesterol and triglyceride levels has been seen. Research shows that trans-fatty acids produced from hydrogenating oils, elevate cholesterol and triglyceride levels two-fold. The largest group of people developing heart disease is the 21-29 year old group. A dramatic increase of non-insulin diabetic disease has been seen in all age groups over the last 50 years. Mothers, pay special attention, even Attention Deficit Disorder, (ADD) is being linked to these deadly oils.

Lorenzo's Oil

Does anyone remember the reports about Lorenzo's Oil a few years ago?

This was about a young child that had essential fatty acids metabolism problems. Lorenzo has an auto-immune disease called adrenaleukodystrophy, (ALD). The disease causes loss of myelin sheathing, the fatty covering on nerve fibers in the brain. The problem is caused by a defective gene that prevents the production of a protein that breaks down very long chain fatty acids, usually, lignoceric acid, hexacosanoic and nervonic very long chain fatty acids are the culprits. Approximately 15,000 children in the U.S. suffer from this disease, about 200,000 worldwide. These high levels of certain very long chain fatty acids are made from Omega-6 essential oils in the body. This disease is usually fatal. Keep in mind a healthy body needs all of these very long chain fatty acids for a myriad of reasons. Again, children with ALD are missing a protein that keeps all of the fatty acids at proper ratio levels with one another. But also keep in mind that too much of certain essential fatty acids, especially adulterated hydrogenated Omega-6 oils can cause high levels of certain very long chain fatty acids which then causes the disease states.

Thanks to Lorenzo's parents exhaustive medical research in the role of fatty acids, they had a research manufacture Lorenzo's oil to treat the child. Lorenzo's oil is made up of oleic acid and erucic acid. Erucic acid can cause serious health problems. ( I will discuss this later ). In addition, the erucic acid that was used in Lorenzo's oil made by the researcher over many months was refined to a point to remove most of the toxicity of (2) counter enzymnes that made erucic toxic and was only 1% of the mixture. Erucic acid is toxic to the body at 4%. The human liver cannot metabolize anything over 4%.

This is not the case in canola oil, it can contain up to 2% of erucic acid. Stop and think about that a minute. Erucic acid is toxic at 4%, canola oil can contain up to 2%. In addition, there is the the problem with the genetically altered seeds let lose by Monsato that were not genetically altered problem. These seeds contains more erucic acid. In Lorenzo's case, his body was deficient in erucic to normalize/balance the other essential fatty acids. This was caused by a gene defect that normal healthy people do not have.

So in Lorenzo's case, you have to keep this in mind as not to think I am double speaking later when I talk about the ill health effects of erucic acid primarily found in canola oil. Lorenzo's oil was finally proven to normalize the buildup of the very long chain fatty acids causing the disease. However a very important finding was later discovered. Research showed that it causes gross deficiency of Omega 3 and and lowers the platelet count. It is crucial that medical testing of red cell membrane fatty acids be performed so that application of the correct therapy is given to children with ALD. Omega 3 essential fatty acids in their normal state, are the buildings blocks of a healthy immune system that interacts with other organs such as the pancreas, liver and kidneys for good health.

Children With Adrenoleukodystrophy

Recently, (update 2002), it has been discovered that children with adrenoleukodystrophy are deficient in docasahexaenoic acid (DHA), a very long chain fatty acid. Docasahexaenoic fatty acid is made in the body from Omega 3 essential fatty acids. ( Olive oil, flaxseed oil, grapeseed oil ). Personally, I believe this is what helped Lorenzo because 90% of Lorenzo's oil is comprised of certain fatty acids from pure olive oil. Trials on the administration of doxasahexaenoic fatty acid derived from algae have begun in 2002, conducted by the Martek Biosciences Corporation to children with ALD. These findings about Lorenzo's oil only prove the importance of how unchanged natural essential fatty acids are needed for the building of normal and healthy cells. Lorenzo was in the process of dieing before Lorenzo's oil was perfected by the researcher. Lorenzo recently turned 24. Although severely disabled and is unable to do much more than blink his eyes and wiggle his fingers, he has surpassed doctor's projections for his lifespan by 14 years so far. Part of Lorenzo's treatment was that he was forbidden to eat any type of foods containing hydrogenated oils. Although Lorenzo's oil was not a cure for ALD, it did stop the rapid progression of the disease that would have eventually killed him in a few short months.

The synthesis of prostaglandins local hormones and enzymnes that control all cell to cell interactions within the body are completely dependent upon the ingestion of high quality, unaltered fatty acids. . The body requires specific essential fatty acids to create gastrointestinal integrity, bilipid membranes, hormones, neurohormones, prostaglandins and immune modulators, ( a healthy immune system ) all derived from essential fatty acids, ( a proper ratio of Omega3 and Omega6), and these fats must be supplied and trans fats avoided if modulation of the faulty metabolism is to be achieved. That is why hydrogenated oils and trans fats have been banned in some European countries such as Denmark in all foods.

Recently, research ( in 2001), shows the addition of DHEA often further complicates the patient's chemistry rather than corrects the hormonal imbalance because the basic raw materials are missing, (Omega-3 essential fatty acids) and the ingestion of trans fats literally blocks fatty acid metabolism and hormonal production, thus causing a host of disease states, diabetes type II, cardiovascular disease, auto-immune diseases and the list does on an on. The following is for Physicians. BodyBio (45 Reese Road, Millville, NJ 08332, 609-825-8338) now offers clinicians appropriate biochemical, (red blood cell fatty acid testing), intervention by organizing and disseminating the medical literature into a format that has direct impact the upon the lives of individuals which can help the Physician in creating a better prognosis in the long term for those patients that are imprisoned in a myriad of degenerative conditions.

Studies Show These Effects Of Trans Fatty Acids On The Body

  • 1:) Lowers the "good" HDL cholesterol in a dose response manner (the higher the trans level in the diet, the lower the HDL cholesterol in the serum);

  • 2:) Raises the LDL cholesterol in a dose response manner;

  • 3:) Raises the atherogenic lipoprotein (a) in humans;

  • 4:) Raises total serum cholesterol levels by 20-30 mg%;

  • 5:) Lowers the amount of cream (volume) in milk from lactating females in all species studied, including humans, thus lowering the overall quality available to the infant;

  • 6:) Correlates to low birth weight in human infants;

  • 7:) Increases blood insulin levels in humans in response to glucose load, increasing risk for diabetes;

  • 8:) Affects immune response by lowering efficiency of B cell response and increasing proliferation of T cells;

  • 9:) Decreases levels of testosterone in male animals, increases level of abnormal sperm, and interferes with gestation in females;

  • 10:) Decreases the response of the red blood cell to insulin, thus having a potentially undesirable effect in diabetics;

  • 11:) Inhibits the function of membrane-related enzymes such as the delta-6 desaturase, resulting in decreased conversion of, e.g., linoleic acid to arachidonic acid;

  • 12:) Causes adverse alterations in the activities of the important enzyme system that metabolizes chemical carcinogens and drugs (medications), i.e., the mixed function oxidase cytochromes

  • 13:) Causes alterations in physiological properties of biological membranes including measurements of membrane transport and membrane fluidity;

  • 14:) Causes alterations in adipose cell size, cell number, lipid class, and fatty acid composition;

  • 15:) Adversely interacts with conversion of plant omega-3 fatty acids to elongated omega-3 tissue fatty acids; Escalates adverse effects of essential fatty acid deficiency;

  • 16:) Increases peroxisomal activity (potentiates free-radical formation)

  • 17:) Increased breast cancer in women

  • 18:) Increased heart disease in men and women

  • 19:) Increases non-insulin dependent type diabetes disease


Just because new products are now stating "TRANS-FATS FREE" on the label, and if it still lists hydrogenated oils or mono-diglycerides, ( a new name corporations are using now for hydrogenated oils ), this does not mean that these are safe oils. Any type of hydrogenation, even if they "remove" the trans-fats alters the natural molecular structure of the fatty acids. Any type of hydrogenated oil - regardless if it says " TRANS FAT FREE" is still harmful to the body - especially it if contains hydrogenated cottonseed oil, which is a very unhealthy oil for the body.

Mono-diglycerides are nothing more than hydrogenated oils. Read this research report about mono-diglycerides.

Hog Farmers Won't Feed Their Hogs Hydrogenated Oiled Foods

Dr. Russell Jaffe, MD, a noted medical researcher stumbled across the fact that hog farmers wouldn't feed trans fatty acids foods, or hydrogenated oiled foods to their pigs. The reason is because hogs die from eating foods containing these oils. When Dr. Jaffe contacted the U.S. Department of Agriculture concerning this, they admitted they had known about it but that it was not in their jurisdiction. When he contacted the Federal Drug Administration, they simply said they didn't have the time to investigate it. Isn't the FDA is suppose to be protecting consumers from toxic foods?

Dr. Jaffe also published a report finding that cottonseed oil contains fatty acids similar to those present in rape seed. Rape seed oil was taken off the market. It caused severe illness and in some instances deaths because of its' toxic fatty acids to humans, dogs and pigs. There are some fatty acids in some plants that are very toxic to the human body. Dr. Jaffe found that when cottonseed oil is hydrogenated, not only does it change the molecular structure of this already toxic fatty acid, but it doubles the toxicity to the human body. Hydrogenated, or partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil is used by many food chains in frying french fries and other fried goods. Most bakery goods contain them.

How Do Trans Fatty Acids Cause Non-Insulin Diabetes?

The body makes protein from normal amino acids. Normal meaning amino acids which the body is genetically used to. Properly structured protein is needed for insulin to be effective in reducing sugar in the blood. Protein is also derived from fats. By consuming abnormally changed molecular essential fatty acids, abnormal proteins are produced by the body. The abnormal proteins cannot properly synthesize the insulin in its' metabolic state. The insulin eventually becomes ineffective in reducing sugar in the blood stream. Hyperinsuliemia is the end result. The body then starts producing more and more insulin to control sugar while at the same time becoming more ineffective in controlling blood sugar. This has been directly linked concerning prostaglandins.

Prostaglandins are made from essential fatty acids. However, there are two kinds. Good prostaglandins and bad ones. The bad ones cause cell inflammation which causes several diseases such as diabetes, breast cancer, coronary heart disease and degenerative arithritis. The good prostaglandins reduce cell inflammation. Research by researchers at the Division of Science, Northeast Missouri State University have shown that the central mechanism for pancreatic insulin production is mediated by prostaglandins. It is not an autonomic response as once thought. Autonomic means that which a normal body responds to or makes. These findings have been confirmed by other research studies in Germany, the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston and by about half a dozen other researchers. Included in some of this research are in-depth studies of the roles of properly naturally occurring structured essential fatty acids and how they inter-relate in making not only the correct amount of insulin, but most importantly its' effectiveness in the bloodstream in reducing blood sugar and the productions of good prostaglandins.

Dr. Holman and his colleagues at the Hormel Institute at the University of Minnesota have shown that trans-fatty acids disrupt cellular function. They affect many enzymes such as the delta-6 desaturase and consequently interfere with the necessary conversions of both the Omega-6 and the Omega-3 essential fatty acids to their elongated forms. They consequently escalate the adverse effects of essential fatty acid deficiency.

Dr. Lenore Kohlmeier in Finland completed a study on 700 women, (300 of them had breast cancer). The study included the analysis of the tissue fat cells of the women. Dr. Kohlmeier issued this statement, "women who have higher stores of trans fatty acids have a 1.4 times, ( approximately 55%) higher risk of developing breast cancer." Additional work by several researchers have also shown that trans fatty acids produced in the hydrogenation of oils process are the culprits. They destroy the good prostaglandins and increase the bad prostaglandins. This is why in the 1940's when non-insulin type II diabetes began to appear, the medical community was dumbfounded to what was causing it.

Most important, it is my opinion that one day, researchers will find that hydrogenated oils/trans fats causes a third kind of insulin resistance wthin the brain causing Alzheimer's disease. Patients that have monoclonal gammopathy neuropathy can have amyloid build up on insulin receptors within nerve cells. I believe reseachers one day will find that this amyloid removes insulin receptors from nerve cells. When this occurs it makes the receptors insulin resistant and will stop brain insulin signaling receptors which is crucial for memory, thus Alzheimer Disease. This will be discovered the new third kind of insulin resistance of the brain. Hopefully, this will then lead to a treatment to stop the progression of this insidious disease and possibly treatment to even reverse it.

Serious Health Effects From Consuming
Hydrogenated Oils or Mono-Diglycerides

Several years ago, researchers started reporting the link between certain pesticides like DDT and cancer. Many in the medical community scoffed at them. Certain groups and individuals that were trying to debunk this link were actually researchers employed by the major chemical companies making these pesticides. Well, we all know the final outcome of that. Several pesticides were proven to cause cancer especially in children and were banned.

What does this have to do with hydrogenated oils in our food supply? Sadly, the same scenario is occurring once again. Despite hundreds of research studies done over the last several years by some of the most prestigious medical research facilities like Harvard and the University of Massachusetts, we still have these oils in our food supply. Hydrogenated oils are shown to cause an increase in coronary heart disease, insulin resistance diabetes type II, auto-immune disorders, attention deficit disorders and other serious health effects.

The most recent findings published in the New England Journal of Medicine on June 24, 1999 report that hydrogenated oils and partially hydrogenated oils which are even worse, definitely raise not only cholesterol and triglycerides by 12%, but also lower the good HDL cholesterol and raise bad LDL cholesterol. Researchers also concluded that eating foods containing unhydrogenated oils lowers cholesterol by 6%. Now this is significant for people with high cholesterol. When you combine the 12% increase and the 6% reduction, this is a net result of 18%. What this means is this. Let's say a person has a high cholesterol of 350. Simply eliminating all foods containing these reduce the cholesterol from 350 to 283, 67 points lower. This can be easily accomplished in a relatively short period. And this is done by simply eliminating these oils from the diet. These are the two links for these recent studies.
The New England Journal of Medicine -- June 24, 1999 --
Vol. 340, No. 25
Effects of Different Forms of Dietary Hydrogenated Fats on Serum Lipoprotein Cholesterol Levels
By: Alice H. Lichtenstein, Lynne M. Ausman,
Susan M. Jalbert, Ernst J. Schaefer
Source Information:
From the Lipid Metabolism Laboratory,
Jean Mayer U.S. Department of Agriculture Human
Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, Boston
School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University, Medford, Mass.
The New England Journal of Medicine -- June 24, 1999 --
Vol. 340, No. 25
Trans Fatty Acids and Coronary Heart Disease
Source Information:
Alberto Ascherio, M.D., Dr.P.H.
Harvard School of Public Health
Boston, MA 02115
Martijn B. Katan, Ph.D.
Peter L. Zock, Ph.D.
Wageningen Center for Food Sciences
6703 HD Wageningen, the Netherlands
Meir J. Stampfer, M.D., Dr.P.H.
Walter C. Willett, M.D., Dr.P.H.
Harvard School of Public Health
Boston, MA 02115

Since the major conversion to these oils in our food supply in the late 1960's by the major food companies, coronary heart disease and diabetes type II have increased at an alarming rate. Recently, a study concluded that the increase in children developing diabetes type II has reached new high levels. They also found that children from black or spanish decent from low income families have the highest increase. And what was the main diet of these children? It consisted mainly of junk food or packaged foods loaded with hydrogenated oils. Even though people with various heart diseases are not dying as quickly because of advanced medical treatments, heart disease has increased dramatically over the last 20 years. Trans fatty acids which are produced by the hydrogenation process is the leading culprit in coronary heart disease. Why is it in Europe that for the last ten years, many governments limit the amount of trans fatty aids in foods or even ban then altogether in foods. Evidently, they've known what we have known for sometime and did something about it. However, the FDA still ignores this health danger from these oils and allows the food companies to continue to use these oils in food production.

The Center For Science in Public Interest

Recently, the center analyzed 41 supermarket and restaurant foods purchased in seven cities across the country. The results were published in the September issue of the CSPI'S Nutrition Action Health letter. These are the findings:

FRENCH FRIES: The hidden trans fatty acids in McDonalds, Hardees and Arby's fries doubles the damage caused by their regular saturated regular fat counterparts. The fries at Burger King and Wendy's are even worse.

FISH: Red Lobster's Admiral's Feast Dinner contains a two day supply of artery clogging trans fatty acids.

CHICKEN: Kentucky Fried Chicken has a full day's worth of trans fatty acids

BAKED GOODS: Dunkin Donuts Old Fashioned Cake Donuts contains trans fatty acids that more than doubles the damage its' regular saturated fat counterpart. Eating just one is like eating 8 strips of bacon as pertaining to the amount of damage it is doing to the arteries because of the trans fatty acids. Who eats 8 strips of bacon at one sitting? Campbell's Soups are loaded with hydrogenated oils, read the label on the cans. Most crackers and especially cookies also.

Countries In Europe Allow Only
4% Trans Fatty Acids In Foods - Some Ban Trans Fatty Acids Altogether

Many countries in Europe allow only 4% of trans fatty acids in any foods made with hydrogenated oils, some ban them altogether. Do these countries know something we don't? Some countries like Denmark have banned hydrogenated oils for over 40 years. It is interesting that Denmark has the lowest diagnosed rates of heart disease, cancers, breast cancer, diabetes, auto-immune diseases than any other country in the world. What is even more interesting is that they consume more saturated fat in the form of dairy products. Again, do they know something we don't? No, we know it, we're just not paying attention to the research studies.

According to Dr. Enig and others, the American diet contains 10-44% of these trans fatty acids. Some individuals because of what they eat are consuming as much as 60 grams of trans fatty acids a day, or roughly 2 times the recommended normal fat content that a person should consume daily.

Dr. Frank Sacks, MD and Karin Michels, M.S. M.P.H. of the Harvard Schools of Public Health issued a statement in February, 1995 in the New England Journal of Medicine. He stated, "American food manufacturers are still manipulating our foods in a way that current scientific research shows that trans fatty acids compromise health. Furthermore, the lack of information on trans-fatty acids on food labels does not allow one to make an informed decision or choice." Recent studies show that as little as 4% of these trans-fatty acids can cause these disease processes. This could open food companies up to lawsuits from people with these diseases. This is no different than what has happened in the tobacco industry lawsuits. Why did it take the FDA ten years to finally issue the mandatory warning on cigarette packets that cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health from the warning that it may be dangerous to your health? The same principals, politics and lobbying from the tobacco industry to keep themselves out of lawsuits for years are at play here. It is all about money and the FDA has gone along with it. It's very simple. 10 - 44% of trans fatty acids in foods are deadly to the human body.

How To Get Hydrogenated Oils Off The Market

One IMPORTANT thing we must do:


The best way is the strategy that Ralph Nader has used several times. Boycott the company or the product. The best way to get the attention of the primary source. The primary sources are the food production companies, better yet, your local grocery store. Confront your local grocery store manager.

Below is a link to a page listing the top 60 food companies with their addresses and email addresses. Address your letter to Chairman of the Board. Send them a letter stating that you will not purchase any further products from them until they ban the use of hydrogenated oils in their food production. Also included at the bottom of this column is a link page to the major news outlets. Write them, ask them why are they not reporting this. An most important, use the link to find your Senator or Congressman in Washington. Write them and demand that the FDA ban the use of hydrogenated oils like they have in Europe.

Interestingly, in 1998, the American Heart Association finally, ( after several years of ignoring the research data) issued a statement regarding this issue. The AHA stated in this statement, "In clinical studies, trans fatty acids or hydrogenated fats tend to raise total blood cholesterol levels. Fatty acids also tend to raise LDL ("bad") cholesterol and lower HDL ("good") cholesterol when used instead of fatty acids or natural oils. These changes may increase the risk of heart disease."Use naturally occurring, un-hydrogenated oil when possible. Look for processed foods made with un-hydrogenated oil rather than hydrogenated or saturated fat." The above statement is quoted from the following page on the AHA website. You can view the entire statement by the AHA on their site at

I cannot provide an auto link since the AHA legal department will not allow me to link to this web page. You'll have to copy and paste this into your browser to go there. Amazing how the food lobbyists use their influence. It would be interesting to know if and how much money non profit organizations like the American Heart Association receive from food corporations and or the food lobby group. However, you can read parts of this statement as a news item here. I am reporting this on this page as a news item. Evidently, under pressure the AHA finally recognized they could no longer avoid this issue.

I would also like to ask a favor from all of you reading this column. Print this column out. Make copies and mail it to friends. Makes copies and take it to your church. Email 20 of your friends to visit my site and read the column. Ask them to ask those 20 friends to email to 20 friends. You can use this FORM to send an email to your friend about this column. Post messages in the various newsgroups to visit my site and read this column. Unless people act today, future generations are going to be stricken with poor health they should not have. For years, you probably heard the old saying, "This causes cancer, that causes cancer, etc. etc." My response to that is, the research speaks for itself. Will you help to stop this pollution of our food supply for profit? Email me your thoughts and your support in this matter. Or post a comment on my message board. You can do something also.

Read the labels on packaged foods at the grocery store. You'll be lucky to find anything that doesn't have hydrogenated oils. By the way, crackers and cookies of any type are the worst of all. Bakery items, especially those that are fried like doughnuts are heavy loaded with these deadly oils containing high trans fatty acids levels.

The Truth Needs To Get Out!
The Rest Of The Story, Thomas Smith
The Gentleman Who Cured Himself Of Hyperinsulemia
Caused By Trans Fatty Acids

Recently, one of my readers, 68 year old Thomas Smith, a retired electrical engineer from Loveland Colorado wrote me because of my latest health/nutrition column. He detailed in his letter how he had become diagnosed with non-insulin dependent diabetes, type II and how he had cured himself. He forwarded various research material to me in which I was totally amazed. Mr. Smith is one of the reasons why I wrote this column. After studying quite intensively the role of the immune system and how essential fatty acids work in the body, I understood what Mr. Smith sent. It was a call to arms. Something had to be done to get the truth out. Mr. Smith not only showed me the research findings of how this disease is caused by hydrogenated oils and trans fatty acids, but how to cure it. He should know he cured himself of diabetes type II.

Thomas has put together a report, detailing the research and what he did to cure himself. Normally I don't do this in my column, but when I come across something so crucial that could benefit so many, I do what some term, sell a product in my column. But that is not what I am doing. I am trying to help save people from needless diseases and so is Thomas Smith. He is not asking a fortune for the report he has put together. It barely covers his costs for photo-copying and postage for this 150 report. If you are interested in the more detailed research and how Thomas cured himself of this man made disease, then send $25.00 to Thomas Smith, P.O. Box 7685, Loveland Colorado 80537. He can also be reached at 970-669-9176 for information. His report is about 150 pages, photo-copied both side and is worth its' weight in gold. It cites and lists over 100 scientific studies, and extensive bibliography, glossary and appendix. If you are suffering from any of the diseases talked about in this column, especially hyperinsulinemia, I'm positive that you will benefit in some manner by reading Tom's information in his report. You may also visit Mr. Smith's website at for more information and additional references pertaining to this serious food health matter. you can also email Mr. Smith at

HOWEVER, start today! Eliminate any foods containing hydrogenated oils, partially hydrogenated oils, even if it says TRANS FATS FREE from your pantry! If it lists hydrogenated anything, hydrolized anything - DON'T EAT IT!

Your health is in your hands. For years in my columns, I have said that you are only as healthy as what you eat. Well, the fat lady has sung, the horse has come in first, whatever you want to call it. The bottom line is the truth in research studies. I have been attacked by the commercial food lobby regarding this column. They have tried every means over the years to discount it. But all anyone has to do is read the research, it has been there for years, hidden from the public.


There is much controversy over canola oil. There has been widely circulated emails on the internet that have distorted the facts about canola oil. This is not to dismiss other facts that canola oil may not be as healthy a oil as it has been claimed to be. Canola oil first began with Rapeseeds that were hybrinized to breed out toxic erucic acid which is known to be toxic to animals and humans. The primary use of erucic acid is as a precursor to another chemical, erucamide.

Erucamide is used in the processing of plastic films, particularly for films made from the polymers polyethylene and polypropylene. These plastic films are used in a variety of applications such as plastic grocery and bread bags, and other plastic packaging. However, it was later genetically altered and this is where I have most of my concerns. To make matters worse, over 60,000 bags of these seeds were genetically altered in the wrong way and not approved for human use. They were shipped with the wrong gene! These seeds were planted, harvested and researchers are scared to death of the potential health threat they pose. The information is considerable, so you will need to read this report I have written concerning this controversy about canola oil. This site also has additional information concerning canola oil.

The amount of canola oil that is contained in the Smart Balance EARTH margarine I recommend is not significant enough I feel to concerned about at this time. However, what does complicate the matter is the refining process that companies use for grocery store bought oils. They contain trans-isomers, (plastic like substances). All oils used for cooking should be expeller cold pressed unrefined oils. These usually can only be found at health food stores.

Here is a list of foods which have been scientifically documented in the International Food Microbial 20-211-226. They should be avoided because they are high inpleomorphic bacteria, yeast, fungus and mold and produce mycotoxins that have been documented to cause specific diseases and very specific organ lesions in both animals and in humans and should never be ingested and if any, only in very small amounts. Also, recent studies involving soybean oil, once also thought to be beneficial, may actually cause tumors.

So What Oils Should I Use?

My advise is this. Use olive oil, flaxseed oil, grapeseed, coconut or sunflower oil. Grapeseed oil has 50 times more anti-oxidant properties than vitamin E.


Coconut oil has been looked at negatively because of its' fat content. However, it actually helps the body to metabolize fatty acids better than any other oil. You can actually loose weight using coconut oil and it is great for frying chicken. It is one of the few oils that does not become rancid quickly if it is tightly sealed.

Over 40 years ago, researchers said they found that feeding coconut oil to animals caused their cholesterol to rise. There was only one main problem, the oil was hydrogenated. We all now know that hydrogenated oils raise cholesterol and triglycerides. When one looks at the population in the Pacific Islands, Hawaii, these people have used mostly natural, un-hydrogenated, cold expeller pressed coconut oil, you find one of the lowest cholesterol levels and lowest incidence of heart diseases in the world.

In addition, coconut oil keeps the skin smooth and young looking. In many recent studies, coconut oil acts as an antihistamine, anti-diabetic, anti-infective and even an anti-cancer agent. contains high levels of lauric acid, a powerful anti-viral substance which found only in women's breast milk. Pure, cold expeller pressed coconut oil is hard to find in the United States. It is hard, you can refrigerate it for months as long as the lid is kept on tight. Use it in salad dressing, recipes combined with olive oil.


Refined oils available off the grocery shelf are as bad as hydrogenated oils. These oils are loaded with trans-isomers which are as bad as hydrogenated oils if not worse. Purchase un-refined oils! These will not have the pristine gold color that the refining process places into the oils. Natural oils are different colors in their natural state. Look for cold expeller pressed oils only, extra virgin olive oil is the same thing. And I cannot stress the use of grapeseed oil in baking bread and other baking needs more. Grapeseed oil is 50 times more anti-oxidant that vitamin E.

IMPORTANT UPDATE ALERT - AUGUST 2006 Beware of Interesterified Oils

Food manufacturers are getting around the trans fat labeling by mixing small amounts of fully hydrogenated oil with liquid polyunsaturate oils and calling "interesterified oil."

They claim that fully hydrogenated oil is healthier. Believe me, it is not ! Since there is less trans fat, they can sell this product to food manufacturers for use in commercial dressings, baked goods, candies and anything else that used to have partially hydrogenated oil in the ingredient list.

In plain english, interestification means mixing fully hydrogenated oil with liquid polyunsaturate oil to produce a consistency similar to partially hydrogenated oil, which is the source of trans fats. This is the manufactueres solution to the trans fat problem and labeling requirements and it all has to do with GREED an your health expense!

Also beware of mono-diglycerides, they are nothing more than hydrogenated oils. Read your Food Labels!

Last But Not Least Concerning Soybean Oil

I have received many requests regarding the safety of soybean oil. The following column on my site, written by Sally Fallon & Mary G. Enig, PhD. As you know, Dr. Enig is the world's leading authority on oils. Newest Research On Why You Should Avoid Soy is material extracted from a book written by Sally Fallon & Mary G. Enig, PhD. You'll learn why this oil was marketed so heavily, how it causes thyroid problems, related cancers and other serious.

Click Here for a list of food companies that manufacture oils and foods
that do not contain hydrogenated oils.
Get your local grocer to start stocking these foods,
many of the companies you can order direct from the company.


UPDATE 7-31-2004
PEPPERIDGE FARMS has removed hydrogenated oils from their GOLD FISH CRACKERS.
They will also be removing these deadly oils from all of their products by December 2004.

UPDATE 11-20-2003

There are now two brands that do not contain hydrogenated oils. They are the Smuckers ALL NATURAL brand shown here, and the Laura Scudder brand, which Smuckers also makes. The Smuckers brand contains only 2 grams of saturated fat, 14 grams of polysaturated fat and only 150 calories per 2 tablespoons. You can find both at Walmart stores.

In addition, look for the Walmart brand of chocolate chip, oatmeal with raisin cookies.
They are made with butter and molasses. Molasses is very healthy for the body.

A special plea to all Mothers... please get your children off peanut butter that contains hydrogenated oils, all cookies containing hydrogenated oils, all juices containing high frutcose corn syrup, all cereals containing hydrogenated oils, all food period that contain hydrogenated oils. You are setting the stage for your child to develop diabetes type II.
Update 11-19-99

Finally, the FDA has taken steps towards to require labeling of hydrogenated oils and trans fatty acids on foods labels. By January 1, 2006, all food labels will have to list the percentage of trans-fats.

"The nation's experience with the new food label has shown that it can be a powerful tool for consumers,'' FDA Commissioner Jane Henney said on November 12th in a statement. "By requiring information about trans fatty acids, this proposal should assist individuals in their efforts to reduce their risk of coronary heart disease.''

The new labeling rule will allow manufacturers to label foods as "trans fat free.'' And products that call themselves low in saturated fat, low in cholesterol, "lean'' and "extra lean'' would also have to be low in tran-sfat.

Hello...Walmart, grocery stores chains, McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Sara Lee, Marie Callendars, Krafts Foods, ( Kraft, by the way is owned by Phillips Morris Tobacco), Kentucky Fried Chicken, bread companies, and all other fast food places and restaurants...when are you going to stop manufacuturing foods containing these deadly oils? I am calling upon all CEO's and Presidents of food manufacturing companies to stop the production of foods containing these deadly oils. It is time to reading the writing on the wall so to speak. I am almost sure that none of the Board of Directors of these corporations are eating these deadly oils that they are are shelling out to the unsuspecting public!

I urge all my readers to write, email, fax these executives, demanding that these oils be removed from the food supply. Top Food Companies to find a complete listing, addresses, etc. of these executives to write to. Also I ask you to write, fax, email all the major news media and ask them why they are not reporting this more. The addresses are listed below.

Check your food labels and look for mono-diglycerides also. READ THIS to see that mono-diglycerides are nothing more than hydrogenated oils. These things are as bad as hydrogenated oils. Crackers, doughnuts, breads, cookies, cereals, french fries at fast food places, potato chips, ice creams are loaded with them and or hydrogenated oils. And make sure you purchase a marjarine that contains no hydrogenated oils. Use un-refined extra virgin cold expleller pressed olive oil and coconut oil for your cooking. Hopefully, when people stop purchasing foods containing hydrogenated oils, food companies will realize they need to stop using these oils.

My advise is this. Use olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil or sunflower oil. Coconut oil has been looked at negatively because of its' fat content. However, it actually helps the body to metabolize fatty acids better than any other oil. You can actually loose weight using coconut oil and it is great for frying chicken. It is one of the few oils that does not become rancid quickly if it is tightly sealed. Keep this in mind. Refined oils available off the grocery shelf are as bad as hydrogenated oils. These oils are loaded with trans-isomers which are as bad as hydrogenated oils if not worse. Purchase un-refined oils! These will not have the pristine gold color that the refining process places into the oils. Natural oils are different colors in their natural state.

McDonald's to Pay $8.5 Million in Trans Fat Lawsuit
February 12-2005

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (Feb. 12) - McDonald's Corp. will pay $8.5 million to settle a lawsuit accusing the fast-food giant of failing to inform consumers of delays in a plan to reduce fat in the cooking oil used for its popular french fries and other foods. Trans fats are produced from the hydrogenation of oils., a nonprofit advocacy group, sued McDonald's in California state court in 2003, alleging the company did not effectively disclose to the public that it had not switched to a healthier cooking oil.In September 2002, McDonald's announced it would lower trans fat in its cooking oils and said the switch would be completed in five months. In February 2003, McDonald's announced a delay.

The lawsuit accused the Oak Brook, Ill.-based company of failing to adequately inform consumers of that delay.The agreement announced Wednesday requires McDonald's to pay $7 million to the American Heart Association to use the proceeds to educate the public about trans fats in foods. Heart-clogging trans fat is made when manufacturers add hydrogen to vegetable oil - a process called hydrogenation.

Wednesday's settlement also requires McDonald's to spend $1.5 million publicizing that it has not followed through on its 2002 pledge.Additionally, the company will pay $7,500 to and $7,500 to Katherine Fettke, who had filed a separate complaint against McDonald's and has also agreed to settle.McDonald's has reduced the amount of trans fat in its Chicken McNuggets, Crispy Chicken and McChicken sandwiches, said spokesman Walt Riker.He said the company is working to reduce trans fat in its other fried foods."We're continuing to test. We want to make sure we get it right for our customers,'' he said.

UPDATE August 10th, 2005

Hold That Fat..
New York Asks Its Restaurants

August 10th, 2005

The New York City health department today urged all city restaurants yesterday to stop serving food containing trans fats, chemically modified ingredients that health officials say significantly increase the risk of heart disease and should not be part of any healthy diet.

The request, the first of its kind by any large American city, is the latest in the battle against trans fats, components of partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, which three decades ago were promoted as a healthy alternative to saturated fats like butter.

McDonald's Sued Over Fatty French Fries

McDonald's was hit with a lawsuit Thursday, July 8th, 2004, accusing the fast-food giant of failing to reduce fat in the cooking oil used in its french fries. McDonald's has pledged in September 2002 to switch to a lower-fat oil by February 2003 by eliminating the high trans-fatty acids in their french fries. The suit, filed in federal court on behalf of a California woman, says McDonald's has not disclosed "to the public in an effective manner that it had not switched to a new, healthier cooking oil." Heart-clogging trans fat is made when manufacturers add hydrogen to vegetable oil. In this column you will read how dangerous and very-unhealthy hydrogenated oils are to the human body. Consumers beware. Most of the fast foods you are eating contain hydrogenated oils and are high in trans fatty acids.

Update 9-6-99
Health Alert

The new margarine spreads, Benecol™ and Take Control™ contain partially hydrogenated oils and mono diglycerides. You may want to re-consider using these products despite their claims of reducing cholesterol. Mono-diglycerides are nothing more than hydrogenated oils. Read this research report about mono-diglycerides.


Click Here
for a list of food companies that manufacture oils and foods
that do not contain hydrogenated oils.
Get your local grocer to start stocking these foods,
many of the companies you can order direct from the company.
And make sure you checkout Leanne Ely's recipe book below.

The new documentary... Ingreedients DVD Cover
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"inGREEDients", was released at its' premiere at the Gaspiralla International Film Festival in Tampa, Florida. There is major buzz occuring on FACEBOOK about the film. Read what thousands of people are saying about the film on FACEBOOK.

This documentary exposes what I have been writing about since 1996 about hydrogenated oils and other chemical additives. I am in the film and was the content, creative and journalistic consultant on the film. Ingreedients DVD Cover ~ ~ ~ DVD IS NOW AVAILABLE ! ~ ~ ~ - CLICK HERE

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Truth Passes

Want to know more about other toxic chemical additives and something new ?
Then check out this website...


iQ Advanced has developed a new iPHONE™ application where you will be able to scan labels on products and see the toxic ingreedients that are in that product.

Presently, the application will start out with 2,500 known toxins which will expand to include others. There are over 14,000 known chemical additives the FDA allows to be used in the food supply.

Here is the Press Release about this new application that is available through iTUNES™ online and Apple stores nationwide for your iPHONE™, iPOD™, or iPAD™.

This application will help you eat healthier and save your life !

ingreedientsAre you sure...

About what you are eating
in packaged goods ??

In dairy products??

They are even in...
over the counter prescription drugs
and regular prescription drugs ! !

toxins in foodConsumers are drowning in over 14,000 toxic chemical additives in the food supply!

Are you sure you want to put these into your body??

For Example...Read my column:

Aspartame - Sweetness or Death?

New Trailer from Movie about Aspartame
The Top (21) Toxins To Avoid In Food Products
Listed in order of abundance in food supply and related diseases they can cause
Click on links to learn additional information

First and the leader, causing coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer ...

toxins in food
Almost 1/3 of Americans are considered Obese
Over 23 million Americans have Diabetes and...
it is climbing at 1,400 people a day!

Children under 14 are the largest group
developing Diabetes Type II - WHY?

High Fructose Corn Syrup and the consumption of hydrogenated oils ( chicken nuggets ) ,
even if it says trans-fat free on package
don't eat anything that says! -

Hydrogenated Oils or High Fructose Corn Syrup!

850,000 Americans die year year and...
is climbing at 1,000 people a day!

Do you want to look like this below eventually?

Then stop eating this crap in the food supply!
Buy all natural WHOLE FOODS and cook from stratch !

Do you want to die young with a diseased heart
or develope needless high blood presure or diabetes?
Then keep eating the crap that is in processed foods!

Below Is An Example of A Healthy and Diseased heart.
Notice how enlarged the diseased heart is ! !

The diseased heart is from a 32 year old man who died from heart disease
who ate nothing but junk foods and processed packaged foods !
normal heart normal heart fat children Are your children fat or overweight?

This is not funny !
It is NOT a hormone problem ---
But very life threatening !

fat children die youngerDo you want your children....
to die young before you?
fat womanmans fat belly
Do you want to develope diabetes, high blood pressure
and heart disease by the time you are 30?

If you keep eating foods with hydrogented oils, high fructose corn syrup, soft drinks, aspartame, Splenda, junk or processed packaged foods - - this is why you gain the fat and can't ever get rid of !

With excess body fat - you will develope 1 or
all of these diseases by the age of 30 !

The pictures above are extreme examples of obesity, however, recent research from leading medical universities shows that even 10 or more pounds of being overweight with "brown fat" around the stomach can increase the risk of coronary heart disease and diabetes by as much as 50% !
It also increases your risk of developing CANCER !


BayTV -Tampa interviewBAYTV - Tampa
Interview with
David & Robyn Burton

With cutting edge animations rarely achieved in independent filmmaking,
will entertain, inspire, educate and at times frighten audiences of all ages.
If you could see one movie this year that could save your life...
This is that movie!

news about ingreedients

Here is a two minute sneak peak of the documentary on YOU TUBE
Promo Sneak Peak of "inGREEDients"

Do you know the food industry uses over 14,000 chemical additive toxins in processed foods?
Then watch this trailer from the movie on YOU TUBE.
New Trailer "inGREEDients"

Here is a new two minute sneak peak of the documentary on YOU TUBE

New Trailer "inGREEDients"

Read Kimberly Hartke's article about the film:
Kimberly Hartke
One Filmmakers Journey:
From Backyard Flicks to Award Winning Food Documentary

Why are television and radio stations talking about the film?

Because it is saving lives!



David Burton, the Director of the Film recently appeared on these radio shows nationwide,
call your local radio station and ask to have him on to talk about the film.
He will be appearing on more radio talk shows in May and June, 2010

Alabama: Birmingham and Sylacauga , Alabama WYEA 1290 a.m.
California: Loma Linda, Riverside , Los Angeles 1050 a.m.; Live on
California : Redlands KMET “Smart talk” 1490 a.m.... See More... See More
California: Riverside and San Bernadino , CA 1490 a.m. – 2nd hour
California: Santa Cruz KKMC 880

Florida: Tampa Bay , Bradenton and Sarasota : 1490 WWPR a.m.

NEW! Idaho: Rexburg KUDA 1610 AM; Epic Broadcasting
Kansas: Liberty and Kansas City ; Kansas KCXL 1140 a.m.
Louisiana: New Orleans 600AM – Replay 10 p.m. – 1 a.m.

Michigan: Detroit WDRJ 1440 am; 6-7 CT and

Minnesota: North Branch 87.9 f.m.
Missouri: Kansas City , Missouri KCTO 1160 a.m.

Missouri: Poplar Bluff, Missouri KLID 1360 a.m
Montana : Kalispell Live on; All 3-Hours

Nevada: Las Vegas , Nevada , KKVV 1060 AM – Daily Replay at Midnight to 3 a.m.
NEW! New Mexico: Roswell , New Mexico KCKN 1020 a.m – 2nd Hour at 9 p.m. - CT
New York : Rochester , Brockport, WMJQ 105.5 f.m., WASB 1590 a.m., WRSB 1310 a.m.

Ohio: Columbus and Nelsonville WAIS 770 a.m.

South Dakota: Sioux Falls (and parts of Omaha ) 1640 a.m.
South Dakota: Sioux Falls (and parts of Minneapolis , MN ) 1710 a.m.
Tennessee: Gatlinburg 90.7 FM
Tennessee: Knoxville WBCR 1450 a.m. – Daily Replay at 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Tennessee : Knoxville WITA 1490 a.m. - Daily Replay at 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Tennessee: Maryville/Alcoa WBCR 1470 a.m.

Tennessee: Memphis WLRM 1380 a.m.
Tennessee: Nashville WNQM AM1300 – Daily Replay Tues thru Sat: 1 a.m. – 4 a.m.
Texas: Austin , Temple and Killeen KTAE 1330 a.m. and Live on
Texas: Austin 96.3 f.m. and 90.1 f.m.

Texas: Waco Cameron KTAE 1330 a.m.

Wisconsin: Ladysmith WLDY 1430 a.m.

This broadcast is also available on shortwave worldwide by WWCR

All Times CENTRAL TIME Zone North America a/o October 15, 2008
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8:00 AM The Power Hour WWCR 7.490 MHz and 13.845
9:00 AM The Power Hour WWCR 7.490 MHz and 13.845

Note from David Lawrence Dewey

I am honored to have worked on this documentary as Content Consultant, Creative and Journalistic Consultant with Director, David Burton of Sir Rebel Films and Producer J. Thomas Wenzel III. This documentary exposes not only the facts and truth concerning how deadly hydrogenated oils and aspartame are to the human body, but the greed of corporate profits by the food industry at the expense of human health.

I have been writing about the deadly health effects of hydrogenated oils since 1996, the first main stream journalist to do so. Leading researchers were interviewed who will disclose in detail how hydrogenated oils cause a host of diseases in the human body. You can find out more about in the documentary. Keep up with current details about the film at:

Ride along on this culinary roller coaster as David sets the table with a cornucopia of leading researchers and the most respected scientists and healthcare professionals in the world. What you will discover is an alarming connection between what you put in your mouth and some of the most disgusting, unpalatable and life-threatening ailments known today! The three diseases most directly connected with the consumption of hydrogenated oil are heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. These afflictions are eventually deadly if one keeps consuming hydrogenated oils, but with some simple changes in food choices and a little bit of exercise, these diseases are extremely preventable.

With cutting edge animations rarely achieved in independent filmmaking, inGREEDients will entertain, inspire, educate and save lives.

If you could see one movie this year that could save your life...
This is that movie!

Two leading researchers and medical doctors from Harvard state in the film:

"This { hydrogenated oils } is really a toxic chemical that should not be in the food supply."

~ Dr. Walter Willett, M.D.
Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition and Chairman of the Department of Nutrition
Harvard School of Public Health
Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School

"Two-thirds of these diseases, { heart disease and diabetes } would be eliminated
if we consumed a healthier diet and exercised more".

~ Dr. Meir Stampfer M.D.
Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition
Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School

According to 2008 CDC data health care costs associated with heart disease and diabetes alone in the U.S., $448.5 billion or 52% of total U.S. health care costs is spent on heart disease and $174 billion or 20% of total health care costs on diabetes.

Cost Savings This represents a combined savings in health care costs of over $404 billion annually at a 65% cost savings. Over a ten-year period, this represents over $4 trillion dollars in health care cost savings.

I have started The American Health Reform grass roots campaign with Florida housewife, Greta Ferebee in an effort to send Petitions to Washington to ban SUCRALOSE, ASPARTAME, NEOTAME, MSG, HYDROGENATED OILS, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP and all artificial and chemical preservatives, additives and dyes which are added in large quantities to the American food supply.

~ ~ ~ Read more about this effort, click here. ~ ~ ~

Do you care about your health, the health of your children, your family?
Then make sure you read my column:
Hydrogenated Oils - Silent Killers
Learn the truth about these deadly oils in our food supplies

Read about Greta Ferebee's and my efforts in a nationwide petition campaign to get these and other toxins out of the food supply. VISIT our website:

DoWeCare logo


Even if it says trans-fat FREE - consume NOTHING that has hydrogenated oils in it period!

Healthy Foods
Leanne Ely, C.N.C.

Leanne, a Certified Nutrition Counselor has compiled over 100 healthy recipes which do not include hydrogenated oils. As I've always said, "We are what we eat" and Leanne also explains why is it so important to eat healthy in an easy and entertaining format. Have children? Leanne has recipes with vegetables that the most picky child will eat. Don't have much time? Leanne provides easy and quick delicious recipes. This is a must for your kitchen! 192 pages.

You can write to Leanne at

Leanne has posted a few recipes in the RECIPE KORNER
Leanne's WEBSITE.

Want to receive Leanne's weekly healthy newsletter?
Click Here to request.

Read more about Leanne HERE

If you would like to help in spreading the word about these deadly oils,
then go to this page to send an emails to your friends

Go to this PAGE and print out (12) health warnings to pass out to
family, friends and people at the grocery store.

Did you watch ABC'S Good Morning America
with Diane Sawyer
Wednesday - July 19th, 2000 at 8:30 - 9 AM
They ran a special segment on Hydrogenated Oils
- Based on Research from this column -


Mono-Diglycerides are nothing more than hydrogenated oils. Just a new name the food industry is using to fool the consumer that has become aware of the ill health effects of hydrogenated oils. Read this
research report.


Everyone is concerned about developing the number one killer, heart disease. Well there is no need. A wonderful book written about COENZYME CQ 10, otherwise known as CQ 10 will surprise you. CQ 10 enzyme not only protects the heart, but can also reverse heart disease according to the research findings. It also cures gum and teeth problems, boosts and balances the immune system and slows downs the aging process dramatically. The book was written by Dr. Emile G. Bliznakov, President and Research Director of the Lupus Research Institute. The Institute was doing research on CQ 10 because many Lupus patients develop heart disease. What they uncovered not only affected Lupus patients, but normal healthy people. CQ 10 is produced by the body from other co-enzymes. However, as the body ages, less CQ 10 is manufactured. The research studies showed the heart, other vital organs and the immune system need this crucial enzyme within cells because it gives cells the energy to function properly. Without it, cells become abnormal, stop functioning and die before they should. This is a must read for anyone that wants to be healthy. The book first published in 1987 by Bantam is in its 11th printing.

The ISBN # is 0-553-26233-5.
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Written by: Dr. Emile G. Bliznakov
President and Scientific Director of the Lupus Research Institute
You won't regret reading this book for yourself and especially if you have someone suffering from heart disease, immune system problems, or gum and teeth problems.

Research Links
The Facts - over 100 studies
Media Links
address, email, fax, phone #'s
Top 60 Food Manufacturer Company Links To Write
You will be surprised to see who owns what.
Email, snail mail addresses, CEO or Chairman listing
phone, fax numbers.
Hoovers Directory
Look up any company. - Find out who owns them, get fax numbers, etc.
Email Your Senators and Congressman
About This Deadly Food !

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In the United States medical diagnosis and treatment is constrained by law to be the exclusive purview of state licensed practitioners. The diseases discussed on this site are serious, sometimes life threatening matters. Neither the content nor the intent of this column may or should be construed as the giving of medical advice or as recommending any treatment of any kind. The purpose of this column is to support informed discussions, to provide medical research links and and to help the patient identify the doctors who keep up with advances in their field.

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